Joke Entity XX
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Entity Number: XX-J1

Habitat: Level XXX-J


Entity XX-J is a super powerful entity which resides on Level XXX-J. Entity XX-J is incapable of leaving this Level2. Entity XX-J will kill anyone on sight, but only under a very strict set of conditions. These conditions typically will have to do with entertaining the Entity, and will never actually be explained3. This Entity has no look, because the author is to lazy to write out an actual description, and instead, will be given some random explanation through footnote4.


This section will be incredibly bad, however, it must be included5. Entity XX-J Will ask you to do something very specific, and if you choose not to do it, it will kill you. If you do choose to do it, Entity XX-J will nearly almost always find a way to make you do it wrong, and will kill you anyways6. This Entity cannot be hurt, despite harm never being attempted to be done. Also, for no reason, this Entity behaves in a specific way, and will be angry for no reason at random.


There is no need for this section, as there is no knowledge on the biology of the Entity. Naturally, however, we learned something about it, but it will not be disclosed.


Begin Log: Time Unavailable7
Interviewer: M.E.G. Operative [DATA EXPUNGED]8
Interviewee: Entity XX-J - "A Funny and Ambiguous Entity Name, Which Could Mean Virtually Anything"

Recording begins with M.E.G. Operative [DATA EXPUNGED] walking towards Entity XX-J

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: Um, hello?

The Entity ignores OP [DATA EXPUNGED], for no reason.


The Entity shows a very violent tendency towards OP {DATA EXPUNGED].

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: I shall now beg you to let go of me.

Entity XX-J: (Entity XX-J puts them down gently, for no reason9) I threaten you in such a casual tone you don't take me seriously, then insult you10.

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: I act deeply offended, despite me knowing that you are very powerful, and could kill me easily.

Entity XX-J: I will sit in thought for a moment.

It sits in thought for a moment11, Then immediately goes very violent, for no reason.

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: I am hurt deeply, and vocalize it.

Entity XX-J: I shall now threaten to kill you more seriously, even if you make a slightly sarcastic comment.

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: Very well, I now will insult you harshly.

Entity XX-J: I take deep offense to that, and start killing you in an horrible way

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: I act surprised, despite me insulting you deeply.

Entity XX-J: I shall now break your microphone, in order to not have to elaborate further on what I was saying, and because the author doesn't feel like writing out a murder.

OP [DATA EXPUNGED]: Not the plot convien-

The microphone breaks12.

End Log: Time Unavailable

Do's and Dont's13:


  • Avoid this Entity.
  • Get away from it.


  • Insult it.
  • Some other random thing, which was not elaborated on in the article at all.

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