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Artist's recreation of Janus based on eyewitness accounts.

NAME: "Janus"
LAST KNOWN LOCATION(S): Last spotted somewhere in Level 777, has not been seen since.


"Janus", as he refers to himself, is a mysterious man in the Backrooms. Sightings, while rare, are reported across many levels. His motives are unclear but appear to be in good faith. According to eyewitness accounts, Janus tends to appear or disappear at random, usually near doorways. It is assumed he uses doors or doorways to warp to places, using one doorway as a portal to another. How he does this is unknown.

Janus is approximately seven feet tall, described as lanky or skinny. He wears an open brown trench coat above a matching yellow-green plaid vest, tie, and pants. Under his clothes he wears a white buttoned shirt, and his shoes are pointy, black, and shiny. He wears thin asymmetrical gold-rimmed glasses, with a circular right lens and a square left lens. He is not known to change outfits.

In one of his vest pockets, he holds a golden pocket watch attached to a golden chain. He can be seen checking this often and smiling at it frequently. There have been reports of a figure who appears in the distance when someone is making an important decision. We believe this may be Janus, as the figure is reported to swing a similar pocket watch back and forth until the decision is made. Though this is unconfirmed.

Janus's features are sharp, including elf-like ears, sharpened teeth, and a pointy nose and chin. He is bald, with pointy, thin eyebrows. A long, equally pointy, black and grey beard sits on his chin. His eyes are heterochromatic, one light blue, the other light green. He is only ever seen with one open. Depending on which eye is open, his behavior changes. Observed changes are listed below.

Left Eye:

His left eye is light blue. When opened, his behavior becomes calmer, more collected, and stoic. When using his left eye, Janus obsesses over potential outcomes of situations. He has been seen pausing when making any small choice, including something as small as taking a step. He tends to predict things while using his left eye. These predictions are consistently and worryingly accurate.

Janus appears more tired, as if drained, while using this eye. Dark circles can also be seen generating under this eye as it is opened, and he grows slightly paler. When happy and with his blue eye open, he smirks rather than smiling. He is known to display more violent behavior when using this eye, as well as fixate on choices and decisions even more so than with his green eye.

Right Eye:

His right eye is green, and when it is opened, Janus will act erratic and excitable, often walking faster with his back straight. While his right eye is open, he often references parts of someone's past that he has no plausible way of knowing. He is also able to recall important historical events in high detail, often stating facts that were previously unknown.

While using his green eye and in a cheery or optimistic mood, he will smile wide, displaying his sharp teeth. Opening his right eye appears to have as substantial of an effect as the blue eye, though with different side effects. He will seem crazed, as though not in control of his body, walking erratically or doing things mindlessly, etc. In this state, he is known to have frequent headaches aswell, often holding his head or wincing in pain. The green eye has been seen flashing, as in glowing, rarely.


Historic Profile:

  • [Pending]


"Choices, choices."

"Oh. How intriguing you are, I wonder what you're going to do next."


"Tick, tock. Time is running out."

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