J. Doe
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NAME: J. Doe




J. Doe is a wanderer who has often been sighted walking through the halls of Level 1. Their most notable feature is the fact that anyone who sees them has had difficulty describing exactly what they look like. Due to this fact, a full description isn't possible at this time. However, M.E.G. members from Base Alpha have pieced together the following by combining information from dozens of witnesses: J. Doe has been described as having an average build, an androgynous voice, and "neutral" hair. They don't seem to have any notable features aside from the aforementioned effect. Personality wise, Doe has been described as very amicable and outgoing, though they seem to always be moving, and never stay in one place for long. As of now, nothing is known about what exactly they are doing in Level 1.

Witness Interview:

Interviewee: James Carveth
Interviewer: Rita Cain
Forward: M.E.G. member James Carveth reported seeing J. Doe wandering the halls of Level 1. He then engaged them in conversation. Carveth was brought into Base Alpha for an interview in the hopes of gaining more information about Doe's whereabouts.

<Begin Log>

Cain: I'm hoping you've read over the files we sent you regarding J. Doe. Can you confirm that this is who you talked to?

Carveth: Yep! They fit the description perfectly.

Cain: Well, there wasn't really a— Nevermind. Can you describe the contents of your conversation?

Carveth: Well, I saw someone walking around in the level, I jogged over to them and said "Hi", and they seemed pretty nice. We talked for a bit.

Cain: Yes but, what did you talk about?

Carveth: Oh, you know… Stuff.

Cain: Stuff?

Carveth: Well, now that you mention it, I can't really remember what we talked about. They did seem to be in a hurry though.

Cain: Alright. Can you describe to us what the person you were talking to looked like?

Carveth: Mhm. Very amphoteric.

Cain: Amphoteric?

Carveth: I uh, skimmed a thesaurus before I got here. Didn't want to look dumb on an official M.E.G. interview.

Cain: Okay… Do you remember any of their features?

Carveth: Nope.

Cain: Nothing? Not even something small, like their hair or eyes?

Carveth: Eyes? Oh yeah, I think they had those.

<End Lod>

J. looks up from the terminal screen, closing a few eyes to ponder what they just read.


They wrote a whole article just about me!

Isn't th—


Where did he go?

Did he just wander off?

Oh well, I guess I—


I'm going to be late!

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