Ironsoul, The Trickster Prophet
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ID: Profile : IronSoul, the Trickster Prophet


Alias(es): IronSoul, Soul, the Trickster Prophet
Last Known Location(s): Level 3, Base Gamma
Known Affiliations: The Completionists

IronSoul, known by many as the Trickster Prophet, is a wandering tgochi.exe player who has made a name for himself as one of the best players in the Completionists' ranks.

IronSoul is widely known for his exchanges of favours and rare goods to obtain information, which he presumably uses to further his mysterious goals. He currently resides and operates inside of Base Gamma in Level 3 under an arbitrary fiat granted in order to aid investigations into him and his work, an order which has been highly criticized due to the fact that he is one of the most prominent criminals and con artists in The Backrooms.

IronSoul has not displayed any outwardly detrimental behavior to those in his proximity, but his general moral compass is an enigma even to those who are somewhat close to him. The current stance which the M.E.G. has taken is the aforementioned decree to house him inside of Base gamma so that he can be supervised in an orderly fashion. The M.E.G. has taken this decision so as to more closely surveil the actions of the Completionists, as well as to supervise his actions in a more orderly fashion. Like all Completionists, caution is to be exerted when interacting with IronSoul, and cooperation is highly unadvised.

IronSoul appears to be a young man in his early twenties with untidy brown hair and a somewhat slender figure of average height. Personal information, such as his real name, exact age, place of origin outside of The Backrooms, etc, are unknown, as he claims not to remember any of this information. He is frequently seen in casual attire, which usually consists of blue jeans and a black hoodie with an ouroboros design at the front, and he is oftentimes also seen carrying a metal baseball bat. Commoners of base Gamma who regularly see IronSoul describe his attitude as being deceitfully jovial and somewhat insincere-sounding.

Elaborating on the aforementioned baseball bat, the weapon seems to have the anomalous property of amplifying the strength of the blows delivered by it, even though a weapon of its calibre would not be able to apply such force under normal circumstances. The current presumption is that the weapon is an artifact of unknown origin or a machination that is similar to a baseball bat only in semblance. More information on the weapon is included in the audio recording transcript of Investigation Report IS-02, which has been attached to this entry for reference.

Despite his connections, his ability to keep most of his acquaintances indebted to him, and his anomalous weaponry, the quality that the M.E.G. is most interested in is his ability to predict future events with a relatively small margin of error.
He has, on numerous occasions, shown himself to be capable of predicting the outcome of events that were heavily influenced by numerous unpredictable factors and act accordingly in order to take advantage of such events. This ability1, in conjunction with his weaponry and his knowledge of the ins and outs of various aspects of the Backrooms' factions, has brought some to speculate that IronSoul may in fact be an entity.

Relevant Reports:

The following is a collection of documentation relevant to investigations linked with IronSoul, which have been compiled by Superintendent Lorenz Meyer of Base Gamma.

Addendum 1:

Should anyone have any information which they can provide to the M.E.G. that would help with this investigation, they are advised to do so immediately and anonymously. If it is true that there is Completionist influence in positions this high in our ranks, then we could be teeming with them at this very moment. Crucial secrets can only stay hidden so long when the people they put in jeopardy could be all around us.

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