The Backrooms could’ve served as a new beginning for humanity; While still haunted by its sickening liminality, it gave us the chance to grow beyond our limits. But how could you craft a new reality while only knowing the past? Perhaps it was fate that the Backrooms would twist into a butchered reflection of Earth, just as it’s nature predestined it to. But maybe, we can find a way to break fate's bonds and raise above…

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Humanity has settled into the Backrooms, creating societies which echo the ones back home, for better and for worse. The horrors of creeping monsters and liminality crumble away as humanity finds its own horrors to replace them with. Alongside the monotony, a decade’s long fight for superiority as top dog is shaken to its core as a mysterious company known as the Backrooms Robotics enters the fray and threatens not just the status quo, but the entirety of the Backrooms as a whole.

In the chaos, many hope to rise and truly bring The Backrooms to peace once and for all, but peace in the wrong perspective may be more dangerous than anything seen before.



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Groups in this canon:

The M.E.G.
After decades of searching for an exit and with little to no progression on that goal, morale in the M.E.G. is much lower than their current (or past?) iteration is. Focus in the group has shifted into a more governmental role for most wanderers in the Backrooms, their numerous bases and outposts acting as safe zones for people to reside in and live their lives in a strange imitation of Frontrooms life. The M.E.G. still continues its research, exploration, and documentation of the Backrooms, it’s just not as big of a priority as it used to be. Every base and outpost has their own ideas for themselves, and the group in total don't know what their goals should be.

The B.N.T.G.
As the name would suggest, the B.N.T.G is a neutral force in The Backrooms. They offer their services of skilled mercenaries, plentiful resources, living spaces and jobs, all for a price. Along with bartering, they have a unique currency known as Karma; A metaphysical credit score/currency anyone with a certain object can detect and read. Their group resembles their progenitor, the M.E.G., in their disorganization from outpost to outpost. These outposts generally have their own laws and rules to follow, only being united in written agreements and their use of Karma as currency.

The Unbound
In the original, canon-unspecific version, the U.E.C. has already gone down a slippery slope of internal corruption and crossed the moral event horizon into a irredeemable group after the exit of their founder. That is not the case for this canon. Here, their founder Diana Stewards remains in charge of The Unbound and has managed to keep a tight leash on the ideals of the group. And while the path to irredeemability remains open (and could be taken), there is still a modicum of hope that The Unbound can turn themselves around for the better.

Backrooms Robotics
This canon shows the evolution of Backrooms Robotics from a simple technology company to an organization with the power to cause humanity's extinction in the Backrooms. Depending on where in the timeline you're writing, how advanced they are and their motives and actions will vary. They began operation 2 years before the beginning of the Robotics Series and at that time they were a technology company based in Level 11.

Feel free to incorporate other groups however you like! If you want a description for one added in here, ask scutoid studios!

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