Induced Fear
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'Induced fear' is an unnumbered level of the Backrooms. It is considered to be metaphysical, with its existence only in speculation.


Induced fear is often described to exist under a separate reality or pocket dimension, as it cannot be accessed through normal procedures within the Backrooms. Most descriptions describing this level have been ambiguous due to certain wanderers having memory loss from previous situations, though, all explanations fall subtly within one shared category. A full illustration of this level was created by connecting each related depiction by wanderers, which ultimately yielded a fused and concurrent description.


A visual example of the level.

The level is frequently purported as a forsaken town covered in an inexplicable dark fog, providing no known light source. All housing and infrastructures are accessible, though, require a set of arbitrary procedures to gain access.1 The appearance of these premises and accommodations doesn't have a distinct and fixed pattern; they are regularly observed having a clear contrast when compared. These presumed residences house an abundance of furniture, all having an unconventional and distorted ornament, being out of function. Traversing inside these houses is nearly impossible, due to the confined space caused by poor structural assembly and clutter. Supplies, however, exist only within buildings and come in inadequate quantities. It is not suggested to remain stationary inside for a prolonged period, as witnesses have reported experiencing severe visual contortions, and perceiving eerie approaching footsteps from outside the buildings.

The immensity and vastness of the unnumbered level have no certain and authorized answer. People who have subsequently managed to exit this level have been reported to experience a certain degree of memory loss, caused by indeterminate factors. Due to the lack of practical information, the magnitude to which this level extends is vastly undefined. However, based on assumptions made by interviewees, the extent of induced fear is often categorized to be infinite, though, conventional.

Solid mediums described by supposed survivors in questionings have shown that all tangible objects have an unusual ability to isolate and nullify sound waves, causing an indefinite and prolonged ambience of silence throughout the urban landscape. The absence of distinct noise has been shown to cause erratic activity within the brain, leading to robust sensitivity towards all amplitudes of infrasonic and ultrasonic sound.2 Wanderers who have consequently been in this phase have shown extreme paranoia and anxiety when handling situations. They claim to have noted unbearable amalgamations of familiar, but distorted noises caused by auditory hallucinations and susceptibility towards sound. This is often theorized to be the general cause of abnormal behavior subsequent to exiting if the existence of this level is confirmed true.

Bases, Outposts, Communities:

There have been no reports and witnesses claiming to have seen other people at this level.


In 2013, when the physical description of the level was continued to be studied, there were disposed theories doubting the existence of the unnumbered level. The following conjecture was published by an anonymous professor containing significant quotes, attempting to disprove this level. There are no authorized explanations, nor evidence supporting both sides.

"This deceptive level in question seems to me as though it is but an abstract concept rather than an actual level. Sure, there may not be fully condusive evidence to support my claim, but the amount of tangible and conceptual proof just makes my point even more valid. Many of the people I've spoken to attesting to the existence of this level are simply a bunch of ignoramuses trying to create a commotion! How can anyone possibly come up with such detailed explanations, when we have so adamantly affirmed that they have 'memory loss' in some capacity. And to add to this, take the fact that most of the people I've interviewed have contradicting statements! I demand reconsideration and postponement of further research immediately."

- Dr. ???

Due to a general disagreement between communities, the existence of induced fear cannot be fully proven. Lack of information and an increase in confusion has led to vast omissions regarding this level. Since the start of 2015, most remnants of the unnumbered level's existence have been covertly archived and forgotten, and witness reports have acutely halted. However, the preternatural behavior by the previous interviewees can't be determined; it is often theorized to be a consequence of unknown external interferences.

Entrances And Exits:


The entrance to this level can't be determined due to the lack of information on how to enter. Though, a few unsanctioned pieces of evidence have shown that those who've entered this level all seem to share a dark background history of certain mental instability. However, this is not fully approved.


Exiting this level can be achieved by losing composure due to the effects of prolonged silence. Doing so will run the risk of contracting memory loss, potentially due to distortions. There is currently no known exit that guarantees safety.

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