Image Use Policy

The Brief Overview of this Policy:

The brief policy on using images is as follows:

  • Pornography and gore are not allowed on the Backrooms Wiki. The Site staff will decide on a case-by case basis whether a particular image falls under this category.
  • No using copyrighted images without creator approval.
  • Proof of this approval should be recorded and posted to discussion pages.
  • No image cropping/altering unless you are the creator or you have permission.
  • Always attribute image to source.

For the longer, more complicated version of this bullet list, read on.

Using Images With Articles:

We strongly encourage the use of: your own images; original images provided by other users; images currently held under Creative Commons; and images which are now in the public domain. This prevents a large, legal issue from barring the use of the image on the site. In all cases, endeavor to link your source to give credit to the creator.

You may use images licensed under Creative Commons SA and BY.

You may not use images licensed under Creative Commons NC (Non-Commercial), ND (No Derivatives), GNU GPL, or anything you can't find a license for.

If you find a copyrighted image you wish to use, you must contact the creator of that image and obtain permission. We will not do this for you. Once permission is granted, it should be retained on the discussion page for an article for future reference.

When using borrowed images with articles, you must always give credit to the creator of that image, generally through a posted comment on the discussion page and a link to the original source. Often, you can include a link to the page of origin by actually making the image itself a clickable link.

Images found to be in violation of this policy will be removed. Restoring these images without correcting the issue which led to its removal is considered a punishable offense.

Quick Attribution:

Quickly attribute a work using the following form:

Manipulating Images:

You may not crop, edit, or otherwise manipulate a found image to avoid detection. If it is discovered that a watermark or identification has been edited from an image, that image will be removed and an unaltered one will be added.

You may, of course, always edit or manipulate your own work. If permission is granted by the creator, then you may even do the same to copyrighted works. As in the case of normal usage, the evidence of this must be preserved for posterity.

Report an Image:

If there is an image on the site which should not be here, please notify site staff as soon as possible, even if you merely want attribution instead of removal.

If you are the creator of an image that you would like removed from the site, please include contact information and links to the original source for verification. We will make every attempt to deal in good faith with you.

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