If Man Is Still Alive
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Class 4

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A photograph of If Man Is Still Alive.

If Man Is Still Alive is an enigmatic level of the Backrooms.


If Man Is Still Alive is a vast rust-coloured desert, resembling that of Mars or Devon Island. It is incredibly inhospitable due to intense heat and little to no water or food; due to this, little information has been gathered on it.

When you first enter the level it may seem as if it is empty, however, if you survive and travel long enough you will begin to notice bright silver buildings and constructions, created by The Steel. These buildings are of bizarre architecture, and there is no conventional entrance into them. The Steel inhabits them, however, they rarely leave these buildings.

Other than the large silver buildings, destroyed human structures can be found occasionally, with rare instances of supplies inside them. These buildings sometimes resemble schools, houses, or police stations. The weather in this level is mostly clear, however, it is occasionally broken up by dangerous dust storms which will kill you if you cannot find shelter.

In some areas, insulated pressure suits can be found, although they seem to be very outdated models compared to modern pressure and spacesuits. These suits are used by the M.E.G. to preserve cold body temperatures when exploring and have made it significantly easier to survive for longer periods in this level. These suits can be found in buildings or occasionally worn by the corpses of other explorers.


Photograph of insulated pressure suits used by the M.E.G. when exploring this Level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

If Man Is Still Alive is home to two known outposts, both created by the Steel, which have been found in this level.

Hope Alpha

  • It is supposedly the main outpost.
  • It has a factory for the creation of more Steel through unknown means.
  • The population is roughly twenty. Newly created Steel are sent to Level 2.

Hope Beta

  • It is a support base made in the event Hope Alpha is destroyed.
  • Base is populated by thirteen members.
  • Hope Beta members have been interviewed by M.E.G. various times.
  • Members of Hope Beta have not proven hostile.

Interview 13

This interview was conducted between a M.E.G. representative and a Steel that was a part of the hope beta outpost. They willingly interacted with him and answered some of his questions through telepathic communication.

Begin log
Interviewer: Researcher Samuel H.
Interviewee: An instance of Entity 90.

Researcher Sam: When did your people end up at this level?

Steel: We arrived shortly after the beginning. Our presence in this level was not intended.

Researcher Sam: And why did you stay here?

Steel: It did not support the life of any other creature other than the Steel.

Researcher Sam: So you stayed because there were no threats?

Steel: Correct. However, the human species has found a way to…

Steel:Persist.Despite believing it to be impossible.

Researcher Sam: Ah, you mean our suits? Yes, they do keep us here longer than we thought possible.

Steel: There was a time it was believed to be impossible for humans to survive in this state of existence1 at all.

Other than this interview several trades and interactions with the Steel have happened at Hope Beta. We hope to have settlements at this level in the next few years.

Entrances And Exits:

If Man Is Still Alive is notoriously hard to exit, however it has been proven possible. Various M.E.G. operatives have managed to escape the level in the past.


If Man Is Still Alive can be entered through various doors in Level -1. Any door in Level -1 that leads to the level will have a red insignia painted on it that resembles that of the Reverence's logo. As you walk through the door you will find the outside of it to resemble a shack, these shacks being the only way to go back into Level -1.


The first person to ever escape this level on record was an explorer who managed to survive in the level for three days without an insulated suit before escaping it by entering a shack that appeared in the middle of a dust storm. This shack led back into Level -1.

These shacks are the only known exit back into Level -1, however they are extremely rare, and you will likely only find the one that you used to enter the level in the first place, meaning that it is crucial to not forget its location when exploring in this level.

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