DISCLAIMER: The IETS system is unofficial. Its usage is not obligatory, and instead left up to the authors.

A Notice from the M.E.G. Overseers

The past few months have not been kind to us. A loss of any member of the M.E.G. is never easy to stomach, but, to put it bluntly, these losses are typically someone that most only know in passing. Someone prone to risks like these, a member of our advanced scouts, daredevils who toe the line knowing that each excursion could be their last. Senior Archivist River was not one of these background characters, as much as ze may have tried to stay away from the spotlight. Hir disappearance is a detriment to each and every denizen of the outposts. It is doubtful we will ever return quite to the way things were before ze was lost.

Reckless as we once were in the face of entities, this behavior can go on no longer. Assessing the danger of an entity, and therefore the safety of the members of the M.E.G., is no longer something we can be lethargic about. So, to combat this, M.E.G. Overseers and Archivists have developed, and are beginning to roll out a new threat classification system, aimed at helping those who work in the field assess and disseminate the danger of an entity more efficiently and faster than before.

The IETS system

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On the right hand side of the page, you will notice a new inclusion underneath the rating module. This is the new IETS system, or Indexed Entity Threat Score. This score provides at-a-glance information on the danger and intelligence of a given entity, in the hopes that a split second glance at the archive entry for said given entity proves useful to those roaming the halls of the Backrooms. In the first column is a set of numbers, running from 0-5, describing the danger posed by the entity. In the second, a scale between A and E detailing the intelligence of the entity. Precise descriptions of these are laid out below. It is in your best interest to become familiar with this scale, as it could save the lives of you or your compatriots in the M.E.G.


The IETS System is placed in an article with the following code. Please remember to change the values to suit your needs.

 [[include :backrooms-wiki:component:iets

About the values…

Danger score Description
5 This entity will, under no uncertain circumstances, kill you on sight. To say that an entity of level 5 must be avoided at all costs would be an understatement.
4 This entity is very likely to kill or mortally wound you, if proper precautions are not taken.
3 This entity is considerably harmful to human beings. In a worst case scenario, such an entity could be lethal to a weakened or more susceptible person.
2 This entity is capable of harming human beings, although is either incredibly unlikely to cause lasting damage, or must be prompted in order to do so.
1 This entity is of no harm to you. This does not imply the entity is friendly.
0 This entity is either friendly to humans or beneficial to humans, sometimes both.

Intelligence score Description
A This entity possesses a high enough intelligence to be incomprehensible to humans.
B This entity possesses high human-level intelligence.
C This entity possesses low human-level intelligence.
D This entity possesses high animal-level intelligence. (Comparable to dolphins, mice, or dogs.)
E This entity possesses low animal-level intelligence. (Comparable to insects, birds, or amphibians.)
+ or - A + or - may or may not be added to refine the specificity of intelligence. Of note is the A+ classification, denoting omniscience, and the E- classification, denoting drone-like behaviour.

Closing notes

This is the first step in what we hope will be a long list of changes to documentation that will make both yours and our lives easier, safer, and more efficient here at the M.E.G., and we hope you'll use this notation to do the same for others.


Kat, Overseer-B
Emilie Langermann, Senior Archivist
Diana Evelynn, Junior Archivist

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