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Level 6106SNMh3Ri12wQEfp.jpgLevel 610 is a small enclosed room with an appearance similar to Level 12. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all bright white. The whole level consists of nothing but an old-fashioned light switch on a wall. The light in this level is stable, but the light source is unknown. Wanderers who have entered this level describe the light as "dazzling"; It is reported that long-term exposure to such light will cause wanderers to contract snow blindness. It is recommended that wanderers wear sunglasses when exploring this level to reduce eye damage caused by bright light. - "Melanoleukophobia"
Author(s): EltracEltrac

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Level 994%E6%B5%B7%E6%BB%A91Level 994 is a beach facing the sea on the east and surrounded by mountains in other directions. As no animals or plants have been observed, it has been determined that no entities exist in this level. Moreover, there are also no observable structures in this level. The sea facing the beach has irregular flood and ebb tides. The maximum beach area reachable after the ebb tide has been recorded to be about twenty square kilometers, but the minimum beach area reachable after the flood tide is uncertain and unrecorded. - "Exist Here"
Author(s): AkikoeAkikoe CaroyalKKaiaCaroyalKKaia

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Level 712Brs6yPLfEU9X8Kd.jpgLevel 712 is a weald perpetually shrouded in mist. The land consists entirely of a flat cone-shaped hill that is 50 to 100 meters in height with a gentle slope. The main vegetation of the weald is common grass and lone, dried-out trees that lack any fallen leaves around them. This level is finite, but the exact size is difficult to measure due to its spatial properties. Wanderers who enter this level will randomly appear on one side of the hill, and if they try to move away from the hilltop, they will eventually appear on the other side. - "The Weald of Parrots"
Author(s): EltracEltrac

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Level 588c588cloudLevel 588 is generally regarded as an extremely large piece of immaculate land. The sky is always pink-violet, with the solar angle, the tint of sunlight, and brightness the same as the sunset in the Frontrooms. The land is flat with differences in height usually less than a meter, making the landscape look like a desert. However, the floor of Level 588 is unexpectedly smooth and clean with no visible defects or stains, as if modeled by computers. All attempts to leave traces on the floor have failed. Moreover, its feel is often described as inexplicable, and it is difficult to match it with any material in the Frontrooms. - "Obsession"
Author(s): Be the worthyBe the worthy

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Level 598steve-johnson-RB-L3idV2Wk-unsplash.jpgLevel 598 is a massive tunnel-like structure comprised of glass. The floor of this level is incredibly thin and delicate, putting wanderers at risk of falling and being pierced by glass after stepping on it. The level has an unstable light source cycle, and there have been reports of the coexistence of dozens of light sources. The distance and orientation of the light sources frequently change instantly, and the luminance can occasionally be as bright as the simultaneous illumination of dozens of suns. - "Kaleidoscopic Purgatory"
Author(s): Um4vm06Um4vm06

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Level 808shop.jpgLevel 808 is a synthwave-style continent that many entities composed of polygons and laser gridlines inhabit. The appearance of these entities cannot be determined because the number of edges of the polygon is too small. When wanderers enter this level, their bodies will emit neon lasers, and turning them into a moving light source. According to long-term observations, this laser seems to be the human aura vastly amplified under an unknown effect. - "Synthwave World"
Author(s): vallerbackvallerback

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Level 353vrup60.jpgLevel 353 is an American-style single-family villa with a swimming pool of about 25 square meters as its main area. For unknown reasons, the time of this level has stopped at 4:30 p.m. The swimming pool's construction is opulent, with granite tiles and crystal-clear water with a nice pineapple aroma, and it is equipped with comprehensive safety facilities. Around the pool, there are two beach chairs and a round white table, as well as some tropical plants on its periphery. - "Clement's Public Private Swimming Pool"
Author(s): FloxkFloxk

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Level 912Level%20C-912_2Level 912 is an enclosed room that is about 4 meters long, 3.5 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. The level's walls, ceiling, and floor are covered with white wallpaper with no pattern or decoration. The room is overall well-equipped, with furnishings of varying quantity, types, and locations, most of which appear to be white. Sofas, beds, tables, and other common furnishings are included. There are no windows in the room, however, a locked door occasionally appears. - "The Underlying Rot"
Author(s): DecemberDeclineDecemberDecline

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Level 668MOSHED-2022-8-15-12-47-9.jpgScene-01.7 is a Ψ-Ranked Scene of the DevRooms, discovered on 17/10/1989. Scene-01.7 appears to be the image seen in an autorefractor in the real world, usually presenting itself as a road stretching forward with an endless field of wheat on both sides and a floating balloon or a distorted house at the end of the road. - "Hor·eye·zon"
Author(s): Meauzeek ZamponaMeauzeek Zampona vallerbackvallerback

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Level 110nasa-cIX5TlQ_FgM-unsplash.jpgThe main structure of Level 110 is a massive, artificial, tube-shaped space city surrounding a giant black hole, with an estimated diameter of about 1000AU. There are currently no known laws of physics able to explain how it exists, as it conflicts significantly with the natural laws we know. - "Everlasting End"
Author(s): Meauzeek ZamponaMeauzeek Zampona

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Level 667photo-1556983852-43bf21186b2a?ixlib=rb-4.0.3&ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxwaG90by1wYWdlfHx8fGVufDB8fHx8&auto=format&fit=crop&w=464&q=80Level 667 is comprised of an unknown amount of gigantic PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) hollow spheres and their contents, as well as a heavy water sea with an extremely high concentration of deuterium and tritium. The level features a 24-hour and equally divided day and night cycle. The climate is pleasant, although thunderstorms and heavy water rain frequently occur. - "Dometopia"
Author(s): Deip*isosterDeip*isoster

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