Icarus Procidens
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LOG 0193

Date: Undocumented.
Time: Undocumented.
Location: Base Gamma
Interviewer: Head Field Researcher Eden G██████████.
Interviewee: Overseer A, “Stretch.”


Eden: Okay, the tape is recording. Thank you for keeping this on the down-low and not involving the rest of Oversight. This problem is something I need to keep relatively unknown for now.

Overseer A: No problem. What did you want to speak to me about?

Eden: As Head Field Researcher, my primary goal is to document and study all entities in The Backrooms. During my time in Base Gamma, I have noticed various anomalies and oddities that I’ve been working to understand, and I think I may have discovered something big.

Overseer A: Really? So what’s my part in this?

Eden: You, Kat, and Andrew were the first to document Level 3 in detail. As far as we know, Base Gamma was the first settlement here. Thus, you are the most likely to have information regarding my theory.

Overseer A: Oh yeah, that was when we were still running with the linearity theory. My memory of our first expedition of Level 3 is foggy, but I’ll try my best to recall.

Eden: Okay. First off, can you explain to me everything you remember from your initial entry? As many details as possible are ideal.

Overseer A: Hm, you don’t think the other two would’ve been better to bring? They may have been beneficial to keep details straight.

Eden: I understand where you’re coming from, but I can’t get details mixed up, especially since he… Never mind, just go ahead.

Overseer A: Alright, then. So Andrew kind of found Level 3 by accident when he found a long hallway of doors. He got angry and called us over, telling us all of the doors were locked. When he jiggled a door knob to show us, that one happened to open. We naïvely went inside and thought we were still in Level 2. We tried to turn around, but the door disappeared.

Eden: Interesting.

Overseer A: We found a set of prison bars that proved we had entered a different level. The loud sounds of machinery and sudden decrease in the amount of pipes also led us to that conclusion. Kat took a picture of them, which is currently on the file.

Eden: The open door, yes. Did you see anything strange when you found the bars?

Overseer A: [Stretch Laughs] I don’t know what you’re implying. The Backrooms are the textbook definition of strange. You’ll have to specify.

Eden: Maybe this will jog your memory. A few weeks ago, I traveled to the location where you took the first photo thanks to the B.N.T.G.’s map of the 100-meter circle from the center of Base Gamma onward. I found something strange when I went there. Does this look familiar to you?

[Eden pulls out a file and shows Overseer A a printed image, attached below.]

Overseer A: Oh my- How did I forget about that? That’s not something you don’t remember. Yeah, we saw that behind a locked set of bars soon after entering. It was super weird, but the bars were indestructible, so we couldn’t investigate.

Eden: Good, we’re getting somewhere. Keep going with the story, then.

Overseer A: So after Kat took the photo, we decided to explore a little bit. That was until the halls started to get very small, almost to the point of being impossible to traverse in a group. We tried to turn around, but we heard loud noises in the distance that sounded like entities. After trying to outrun, and eventually out-crawl, the mob of monsters-

Eden: They are not monsters. They are territorial creatures with greater intelligence than is standard.

Overseer A: Yeah, that’s what I meant. Anyway, they were all chasing us and we thought, ‘Well, this is it!’ And then, we found a dead end. Andrew tried to bust open the bars with his body, but it wasn’t going to work. And then, uh… I…

Eden: Well, you guys obviously survived. Did you clip into Level 4? Find a door?

Overseer A: Honestly, I can’t recall for the life of me. All I remember is a hound pouncing at us as we screamed. But I remember walking through Level 3 for like a week after that before we got to Level 4.

Eden: Another roadblock. Look at the image closely. Do you remember anything about what happened after the Hound pounced? Even the most minute detail could be valuable.

Overseer A: I’m sorry, Eden. I just… can’t. It’s like a blacked out part of my brain. I remember running and almost dying, then the next thing I remember is continuing to explore. What exactly is the information you’re looking for?

Eden: That part you can’t remember. I guess I should explain myself. During my studies, I’ve found what I can only describe as rags and tatters. I know they all fit into one jigsaw puzzle, but I don’t have the box to reference what it looks like. Therefore, I have constructed a theory about the existence of a hypothetical entity I’ve unofficially designated “The Dark One.” Dumb name, I know, but it’s only temporary until I can learn more.

Overseer A: Is the entity what’s portrayed in that mural?

Eden: As of now, that is what I believe. As you know, The M.E.G. is aware that something exists behind the bars. Theoretically, hundreds of thousands of square feet of territory that human feet will never touch. There could be objects, new levels, entities, and maybe The Dark One.

Overseer A: So you were hoping that my story would enlighten you to exactly what-

Eden: Who.

Overseer A: …who this ‘Dark One’ is?

Eden: This isn’t the only proof I’ve obtained towards his existence. I also went to the B.N.T.G.’s Base Storage Unit a few sectors down to view the original copy of Object 56. You are aware that most of the original book was destroyed likely due to the pages being torn out?

Overseer A: Yes?

Eden: Well, the book is known for being mysteriously found behind the bars on Level 3, just close enough to reach and pry out. This is one of, if not the only object that we have from behind the bars, meaning it’s our only insight as to what… or who could be back there. So I flipped through the remnants, and I found another tatter. Look.

Overseer A: I don’t see anything but a blank page.

Eden: It’s almost impossible to see because it faded who knows how long ago. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of enhancing and doctoring the photo a bit to show you. Do you see it now?

Overseer A: Holy cow, that’s huge! What does it say? I forget cursive.

Eden: Icarus. The author of the book is named Icarus.

Overseer A: So… how does this connect to your entity?

Eden: I believe Icarus is the entity.

Overseer A: With all due respect, I think a little more proof is needed than just the fact that both the mural and the book were found behind the bars.

Eden: That brings me back to the story. When did you return to Level 3 again?

Overseer A: A few months later, we found an elevator in Level 5. This was before the discovery of Entity 81, so we didn’t really think twice about entering.

Eden: Elevator entities, yes.

Overseer A: To our surprise, we descended back into Level 3. This time, we were a bit more prepared for the entities because we’d been here longer, and we also had more allies and friends. We stepped into the labyrinth and noticed it was noisier than it was when we initially explored it. It was hotter too. Oh, and the narrow hallways that were almost impossible to traverse! There were way more of those. Like, almost every corner it felt like there was one. Kind of like how we know it to be today.

Eden: Did you see any anomalies or oddities?

Overseer A: We heard entities again, but this time it was different. Instead of the vicious cries of bloodlust we were used to, we heard something very irregular. Some were crying, some were screaming in pain, Kat even said she thought she heard the word “why” being repeated in the distance. Since then, we’ve chalked it up to the entities on Level 3’s hyper-intelligence giving them emotions.

Eden: Kat hearing the word “why” is what I’m interested in. What did the voice sound like?

Overseer A: I don’t know because only she heard it. She told us it sounded like someone was in extreme pain akin to like… being burned alive or something.

Eden: Is that all?

Overseer A: The only other relevant thing I can think of is when we found a the body of a hound that was severely mangled and mauled. It was partially inserted into the wall. Like, the wall wasn’t broken or something. It was like the hound partially no-clipped into the wall and got stuck. It kinda freaked us out that failed no-clips could be a possible issue, but it’s the only time we’ve ever seen anything like this.

Eden: That’s horrible.

Overseer A: Oh! Aside from being mauled, it was also burnt. Like lit on fire. The hair that covered its face was singed and crispy. The ground near its body was also singed slightly with a purple-black kind of color. There may be a photo somewhere in the Gamma Archives, but you’d really have to dig deep to find it.

Eden: Did you ever go back?

Overseer A: Yeah. A good, uh, 2-3 years later we returned with a B.N.T.G. field team to see if we could find it again, and we- [Stretch laughs] we found Object 56.

Eden: So let’s review our rags and tatters. We have a mysterious mural of an entity with purple streaks found behind the bars on level 3, a blacked out portion of your memory where you were about to die, a dead entity killed in mysterious circumstances with remnants of likely to be purple fire, and a mysterious book by an unknown author found in the same place later on, behind the bars, with the signature of someone named Icarus, all before Level 3 became the populous hotspot it is today.

Overseer A: You’re onto something. I just hope it’s not nearly as dangerous as River’s 404 entity.

Eden: I have a feeling we won’t be that fortunate. Is anything ringing a bell now about the Dark One?

Overseer A: Hold on. Wait a minute. I remember something now.

Eden: What?

Overseer A: Purple. Do you know that purple streak Kat has in her hair?

Eden: Yeah, she’s had it about as long as I can remember.

Overseer A: She wasn’t born with that streak in her hair. We entered Level 0 when we were in high school, so I saw her daily as we grew up. She never had a purple streak in her hair. But suddenly we get to The Backrooms, and it’s been there ever since. It didn’t click until now somehow, but I swear on my life that the purple streak was not there until we entered Level 3. What if it’s connected to that blacked out part of my memory?

Eden: This is exactly what I was looking for. We have another tatter: the color purple. Is there anything else you can tell me? Not just on Level 3, any anomaly or oddity or weird detail involving purple?

Overseer A: I… that’s quite broad, Eden.

Eden: It’s okay, Stretch. Baby steps. I think we’re good for now, but if you find anything at all, even the most minuscule detail, please don’t hesitate to message me. Thank you for coming. I’ll keep looking until I crack this. Until the day I die, I will not stop until all entities are discovered, including the Dark One.


Results: After the interview, Eden G. stayed in Base Gamma for 6 weeks attempting to compile her research into an article. Neither this interview nor the entity were shown to any of the Overseers and Underseers. Eden returned to Level 11 to look through the archives of Base Beta before being declared MIA, and eventually KIA not long after. Her incomplete file has been attached below for archival purposes.

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️

The following file is incomplete and has not yet been reviewed by the database’s file review team. Thus, some of the information in this article might be outdated and/or incorrect. This is the last known file that Head Reseacher Eden G██████████ worked on before her untimely disappearance and presumed death. Take the information presented in this article lightly and cautiously for this reason. Stay safe.

- Underseer Jana Cotyledon

ENTITY ID: No # yet
HABITAT(S): Level 3?


A digitally generated representation of Icarus by Overseer A.


An artistic representation of Icarus’s presumed appearance, drawn by Eden G.


The mural found behind the bars of Level 3.


Entity XXX, unofficially designated “The Dark One” and/or “Icarus” is a hypothetical entity that may exist behind the indestructible bars of Level 3. Icarus has never been seen directly, but Head Field Researcher Eden G. has collected various pieces of evidence to prove this entity’s existence.

Icarus’s presumed appearance is based on a mural painted on Level 3. This mural appears to have anomalous properties that make anyone who sees it forget its existence immediately unless physical evidence of it is obtained, such as a photo. From what is presumed to be known, Icarus is a skeleton with black, charred bones. Purple surrounds his body, either in the form of a flame or mist. It is currently unknown which one. The being wears a raggedy, black cloak which covers his chest and head.

As of yet, no documented sightings of Icarus have occurred; however, it is presumed that Icarus may be responsible for the various reports of mysterious activity behind the indestructible bars of Level 3. [Maybe Icarus is responsible for the hyper-intelligent entities? Whatever, I’ll write it in later.]

Icarus’s name was found written as a faded signature in the original copy of Object 56. It is presumed that Icarus and The Dark One are one in the same due to the mysterious nature of both things, the inferable omniscience or semi-omniscience from being able to travel through Level 3 so easily, and the fact that both have been seen — theoretically — behind the bars. “The Dark One” was a temporary name that is still used interchangeably due to lack of total confirmation of connection to Icarus. Until proven otherwise, though, this is Eden G.’s current working theory. Other reports from individuals, such as Overseer B, of mysterious and presumably intelligent activity on Level 3 further point towards the existence of this entity.

This entity’s danger level is unknown. It is presumed that he is, at the very least, more powerful than most entities. His ability to travel behind the bars prove this, along with his presumed ability to pass other objects through solid matter at will, as is inferred from the corpse of a hound found partially clipped into a wall severely mangled and burned. No picture exists for the corpse at this time. [Reminder: Ask Kat if she has an image in the Base Beta archives when I return to 11]


Eden G. strongly believes that the entity has amnesia-inducing abilities. In an interview with Overseer A, Eden discovered that the previously mentioned mural had been removed from his and the other overseers’ memories until an image was shown to him. Furthermore, he relayed that all three overseers had a blacked out portion of their memory that took place during their first expedition of Level 3. Efforts to access these memories came back fruitless. The fact that no reports of Icarus have been sent to the M.E.G. also in turn plays into this theory of these abilities.

Icarus’s relation to Level 3 and reason for being there is unknown at this time. It is not known if the entity is condemned to the level or simply resides there at his own volition. The entity appears to have a soft side due to his presumed connection to both Object 56 and the mysterious mural, which has been inferred to be painted by Icarus himself. Nevertheless, engaging with Icarus in any way is currently unadvised.


[I’ll write this section when I confirm more]


The first evidence of Icarus was discovered by Eden G. on a visit to Base Gamma for unrelated research. Her life came into jeopardy when a generator suddenly exploded in very close proximity to her. Eden was shocked to see that the generator’s smoke was not the standard grey but a dark purple. Due to the dangerous conditions, she was unable to investigate. She now believes this explosion was connected to Icarus. After the discovery of the mural, Eden began searching for the lost evidence of this forgotten entity.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Stay far away from Icarus
  • Report any mysterious activity on Level 3 to the M.E.G.


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