Icarus Procidens
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Long ago in a time now forgotten,
a time before humans,
a time when black and white were one,
eternities before opposites,
there existed only three.

Children who lived in a world of blue,
naïve to their fates in the future,
a sister and her brother,
and a set of star-crossed lovers.

Their names have been long forgotten to time,
their fates have been sealed,
but in this time of pure bliss and ignorance
was Claudius, Augustus, and Gudang.

Claudius was a fierce warrior,
her knight in shining, scarlet armor.
For as long as they knew, they were brother and sister.

Augustus was an Angel of incomprehensible beauty.
He glowed white with his glory,
his robes were made of the finest silk to ever exist,
and his hair was long and golden.

Gudang was his wife, a young girl she was.
Always optimistic and happy.
Her life couldn’t have been better.

Their lives seemed perfect.
For eternities they danced and played in the eternal ocean,
they were happy and content, having only each other and nothing else.

One day, something changed.
The Girl was no longer content.
The Knight tried to cheer her up with his ribbon dancing, but was unable.
The Angel tried to cheer her up with his imagination, but was unable.

“What’s wrong, my dear sister?” The Knight inquired.
The Girl was no longer happy in her eternal ocean.
The Girl was no longer content only having two friends to talk to.
The Girl was not satisfied.

The Knight came up with an idea.
He used his ribbons of glory to sew and weave the formless ocean into a toy.
A doll that she could never lose.
Then, he weaved a cup and a drink:
Fine wine in a glass cup, like nothing ever tasted before.

She became happy again, and The Knight was satisfied with his work.
For eternities he created toy after toy for her to play with.
Until one day, she became unhappy again.

The Knight tried to sew her a new toy, but it didn’t work.
She wanted friends to play with.
She wanted living creatures.

The Angel came in and began to paint and draw life and joy.
Blood and flesh leapt out of his wings and formed into a friend.
A being with the most beautiful face, rivaled only by Augustus himself, stood before them.

For eternities he danced, forming flesh, bone, and blood.
Friend after friend emerged from his wings and hands.
She became happy again.

Another day, though, came where she stopped being happy.
The Knight weaved more toys, The Angel sewed more friends.
Something was missing.
She finally stood up and formed fabric.

Reality after reality began to form out of The Girl’s hands.
Offices, cities, hotels, places with pipes of wine;
she created it all.
World after world floating in the once formless ocean.

She placed her friends and toys in each of the rooms,
so no matter where she went, they would always be there.
It was perfect.
The three finally lived in harmony, watching over their perfect lands.

But soon, that would all change.

The creatures began to multiply, living in the realities in pure joy.
But one day, Gudang left the playing for only a moment, admiring their handiwork.
She swam through the ocean, watching her creations live their perfect lives.

She traveled and traveled until she reached an absolute point.
The place where realities all overlapped into one small point.
A kink that needed to be fixed.
A hole in a blanket that needed to be sewn.
It seems her work was not finished.

She turned back to her brother and lover,
she wondered if she should tell them of the hole between realities.
It was broken and beyond human comprehension.
Something that, if left unattended, could be torn open further.
If the patch was ever broken, it could be catastrophic.

This was her chance.
She could create heaven to patch the hole.
She could create a paradise for them to live in.
Her own personal world to fix the tear in her perfect creation.

She built her world, forming a place of geometrical perfection.
Each world had flaws here and there, things that didn’t make sense, creatures that didn’t belong.
This, however, was absolute.
This was the patch in reality.
It even surpassed the glory and beauty of The Angel.

It was her one place where a perfect heaven could be created, and it was hers.
She entered her paradise, entering utter bliss and happiness.
The perfect amount of creatures lived in harmony.
The perfect amount of toys were perfectly placed exactly where they should be.
Everything was there but her brother and husband.

She ran to them with joy, showing them her heaven.
She showed them its absoluteness, informing them how she fixed the patch.
But they weren’t happy.
This wasn’t perfect to them, only to her.

“You had the only opportunity to create a perfect paradise, and you took it for yourself?”
Her smile dropped, realizing what had occurred.

“But I needed to fix the patch.
Look at this,
it’s wonderful!
It’s absolute!

“This could’ve been our personal heaven, not yours.
We don’t belong here. This is perfectly made for you.
We disrupt the harmony of this place because you made it only for you.
Our existence interrupts the symmetrical flow of the place.
How could you?”
The Knight began to cry for the first time in his eternal existence.

The Angel stood beside his wife.
“How could you say such things?
Did you not hear about the catastrophe that could have occurred had she not done this?
Our worlds could’ve been destroyed!
How dare you berate her like this?!”

“You imbecile!” The Knight roared.
“You’ve always been trying to one-up me, making me seem like the lesser!
Always making yourself more elevated!
Always vying for my sister’s compassion and attention!
If you wish to squabble over her, then enough of this child’s play.
If it’s a fight you want, then that’s what you’ll get.”

Claudius, overwhelmed with heartbreak, betrayal, and rage, swung his ribbons at him.
Once beautiful and elegant, they decayed into blades and swords of battle.
He blocked and fought back, trying to not hurt him.
They swung and sliced and punched and screamed for ages.
Blinded by rage, they didn’t even realize what they were doing.

“STOP!” The Girl screamed.
She hadn’t accounted for the consequences of disturbing the symmetry.
With each swing, a tear in the patch opened.
Reality began to fold and bisect in the most perfect way.
Augustus, realizing what was occurring, attempted to escape.

He flew up to the skies with his wings, but The Knight grabbed on to his robes.
With one clean slash, he clipped his wings, causing him to fall to the ground.
The Knight leapt off of The Angel, but the Angel fell into one of the tears.
The Girl, unable to do anything, gazed in shock.

Her husband had just fallen into the absolute point in reality.
Claudius looked at what he had done to the paradise.
Reality was breaking,
the friends began to glitch,
the toys began to stop working.
The skies began to intersect.

She ran to the hole, calling for her love.
His glory had fallen between the seams of creation.
He was not the same.

A hand emerged from the pit.
His flesh was gone, and what was left was mere bone.
His once beautiful, white robes were reduced to black, crisp cloaks.
His golden hair was gone, leaving only charcoal strands of blackened fiber.
He was bones in a black cloak, with eyes that glowed purple in rage.

Claudius looked upon The Angel, or whatever was left of him, in utter shock.
He had won his war, but at a heavy price.
The remains of Augustus crawled out of the absolute point as heaven collapsed into pieces.
Augustus was no more.
Augustus was dead.
Augustus was forgotten.

The Broken Angel collapsed onto the grass, his hands but mere bones.
He tried to emerge his wings and fly away, but could not lift himself from the ground.
His wings were clipped, burnt, and broken.

Gudang looked at her husband, attempting to hold his hand.
Augustus screamed in agony, his eyes glowing a rich, dark violet.
He had seen all time, space, and reality at the same time.
His mind had dissolved.

Augustus laughed and laughed as he felt what was once his face
He watched as the trees wilted, the sky fell to pieces, and the oceans froze to ice.
He stared at The Knight, who did not move.
Claudius tried to speak, but was unable.

Augustus flew forward, grabbing Claudius by his armor.
Augustus soared beneath the cracks, falling deep into the holes of reality.
He dragged Claudius further and further beneath Gudang’s worlds.
Fire engulfed them, anger surrounded them, hate overwhelmed them.

Claudius drew his sword one final time, slashing at his broken friend.
Claudius had broken him enough and could not shatter the glade any further.
The sword fell to the depths of reality; into the lowest point possible; into the cosmic nadir.
Claudius fell into the river of rock bottom, his sword landing on the ground.
He had died too, just like Augustus.

Augustus, looking upon the fallen soldier, engraved an inscription into the sword.

Augustus, unable to remain whole any longer, began to fade into nothing.
Everything became grey. Everything became covered in shade.
The monsters who constantly attacked him, the inescapable trauma of Claudius, the scorching heat of his anger, the time of his life cut short, the storm of his wrath, the loss of his hope; he had gone too far.
He had truly reached his end.

The flames became hotter and hotter until they collapsed the void around him.
Augustus faded out of sight, out of memory, out of life.
Claudius sunk to the bottom of the ocean, forever scared with the red blood on his hands.
Gudang watched as her heaven began to fail as the absolute point seeped into the worlds.

Her friends became mangled and evil,
her toys became broken and defective,
her worlds had failed.
Lives were lost,
memories were erased,
the gods had died,
all was lost.

Unable to bare her melancholy, she became a mere statue.
Her body could not handle the loss and pain.
She looked up and grabbed a piece of sky, doing the only thing she could think to do.
she carved her memories right out of her head.
and because of that, you don’t remember this story.
you don’t remember
because she tries to forget.

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