The I.M.B.H.
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The Interdimensional Museum of Backrooms History
Welcomes You!

Our Purpose, Our Beliefs:

We at the I.M.B.H. were founded in the year 1950 to perform the task of collecting and cataloging as much as we humanly can about this strange world we inhabit. We hope that one day, everyone will be able to rest easy with a better understanding of the world around them.

We believe in collaboration between all people and groups regardless of belief and understanding. Without unity, humanity shall continue to live in the dark ages, tearing each other apart for the misunderstood scraps of these realms. Thanks to the assistance of larger groups such as the M.E.G., U.E.C., Eternal Repository, and the Kalag Institute, we have been able to accumulate a wealth of understanding free for all to know.

Our Divisions:

Records and Cataloging

Headed by Doctor G. McGilligan, the Records and Cataloging Department of the museum is primarily tasked with keeping track of digital and physical references and data kept in our museum. It is the primary method of keeping historical records, containing sources that date as far back as the 1700’s. The Records and Cataloging Department is the public’s primary place to go if they are seeking out historical records.

Biology and Anthropology

Overseen by Dr. B. Williams, the Biology and Anthropology Department is the source of all information on entities, creatures, and cultures found within The Backrooms. Unlike Records and Cataloging, this division usually leaves to levels in order to conduct field research alongside other research teams from a variety of groups. Otherwise, members of the Biology and Anthropology Division work within the museum itself, or at the Charles Darwin Research Center found on Level 11.


Headed by a variety of different division members, our Archeology Division also explores a variety of levels in order to uncover and collect artifacts and ruins of civilizations. Those within this division are known for their caution when working, being gentle and methodical with field research. Along with this, people in this division of the I.M.B.H. commonly collaborate with the other divisions, maintaining a steady stream of new knowledge.

Public Relations

Being the division most of the public will interact with, the Public Relations Division led by Professor Tran is the public’s primary connection to us at the museum. They are often found all around the museum itself and maintain contact between each division, as well as the directors. Whenever the public has requests or questions, Public Relations is usually who responds first.

Discoveries We’ve Contributed To (in order):

And many more!

How to Reach Us:

All of those wishing to reach or visit the I.M.B.H. have a variety of ways to do so. As of now, we can only be reached via our main museum entrance within The Hub. In our physical location, you can visit our archives, see our exhibits, and speak to our researchers personally. Otherwise, all sorts of people can direct you to our museum known as Level 216.

Digitally, you can reach us at moc.liamsmoorkcab|ude.HfoMB#moc.liamsmoorkcab|ude.HfoMB. There, we can answer any questions and schedule proper visits.

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