I Do It For Them
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Tales from The Redlands

All hail the greatness of Coran of the Redlands.

I walk into a field of bones,
A shattered kingdom, a broken dream.
What's left of it is sticks and stones,
Once big and bold, now quiet and meek.

I fight the daemons that plague these cursed lands,
To keep my bastion safe and sound.
The beasts I fight spill their blood on my hands,
Each blow I deal fills me with grit.

This beast persists in hate and spite,
It screams, and howls, and fights, and toils.
I stare it down, keep up my fight,
I slash, I cut, I slice and tear.

But my struggle is not without reward,
For there's a reason I keep up the fight.
I keep my spirit, and I grab my sword,

I do it for them.

My deepest wounds are healed by their smiles,
My darkest days, brightened by the gleams in their eyes,
The creatures I slay, I gather up in piles.

I do it for them.

I do it for them, this fight to the death…
I do it for them, this struggle so eternal…
I do it for them, until my last breath…

I do it for them,

And I'll stop only when you monsters

Drag me with you down to hell.


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