How To Write An Entity Page

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What is an entity?

An entity is a creature that would roam a level. They can range from being peaceful to very hostile, it's really up to you to decide how to make your entity.

How and where do I write an entity?

All articles, including entities, need to go through the greenlighting process; please visit the Greenlight Policy page. To start, you should set up a sandbox here and begin writing your entity draft. You can find the entity template on templates page. Once you think your sandbox draft is finished, you can head into our server (be sure to read the rules there as well) and send your sandbox link in the #sandbox-links channel. Alternatively, you can use the draft critique forum.

What does an average entity page include?

  • Put your entity number at the top, corresponding to the page number
  • Add its "Habitats" — What level(s) does it reside in? See Habitat Guide for more info.
  • Add a description, a short blurb about your entity, with tan overview fundamental information
  • Add its "Behaviors", What does it do? Is it hostile? Can it communicate?
  • Add its "Biology" — How does your entity work?
  • Add its "Discovery" — When/How was this entity discovered? What faction found it?
  • Add a "Do's and Don'ts" — An easy-to-digest list of tips and tricks concerning your entity


For an entity template, please visit the Templates page.

For an example of an entity page, please take a look at Entity 10 - "Skin-Stealer".

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