How To Write A Level

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What is a Level?

A Level is an area in the Backrooms, separated by different floors. They can range from being safe to extraordinarily dangerous. Some go into the negatives, others exist in-between other levels. It's really up to you to decide how to make your Level.

Where do i make an Level?

To make a normal level, go to Normal Levels I, select a blank level, and create the page and fill it with your level. There are other types of levels you can create as well, such as Sub Levels, Negative Levels, and Secret Levels.
Note: It is highly recommended to get feedback first; go to the Contributions Guide or the Feedback Needed page for more details.

If you need to know what the difference is for each level, look below

Normal levels

Normal levels connect to each other more often than other level types, and are the easiest to discover. Tonally, they are a mixed bag, although they typically follow more traditional aspects of horror compared to negative levels.

Negative levels

Typically are extremely dangerous or unlivable. Meant to embrace the horror aspect of the back rooms in any way possible

Secret levels

Levels intended to be mysterious and hard to find. These levels typically have different meanings behind face value, and may even be an allegory for a certain experience or emotion.

Sub levels

Levels that are intended to add lore to an already written level. Think of them as spin offs of the level they can be found in. Also usually smaller, however more detailed. THE NUMBER YOU USE FOR SUB LAYERS DOES NOT HAVE TO CORRESPOND WITH THE NORMAL LEVEL YOU ARE BASING IT OFF.

How do i create a Page?

  • Put your level number at the top, corresponding to the page number
  • Edit the levels survival difficulty (image component:level-class-1/1.png, change the numbers from 0 to 5/5b)
  • Add a description - A good description is brief enough to show all the information, but in depth enough to paint a picture of it in your reader's mind
  • Add the Colonies And/Or Outposts - An outpost is a base of operations for a group, an outpost is a collection of survivors. This is optional.
  • Add the Entrances and Exits - how to get in an out of a level
  • Place an image for your Entity. This is optional, but strongly recommended (unless your level, because of how it fundamentally operates, can't have images be taken of it)


After creating the page, you can click template > Level (beside the markdown tools in the editor) to have a template ready to use.

For an example of an Level page, please take a look at Level 0 - "The Lobby".

Still need Help? Please check out the "Contributions Guide", or help forums for more detail.

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