Home On The Road
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Class habitable

  • Safe
  • Devoid of Harmful Entities
  • Enigmatic Topology

An old class B camper near the edge of the road.

"Home On The Road" is the colloquial term for an enigmatic level consisting of indefinite RVs driving on a straight 4-lane highway.


These driverless vehicles travel autonomously, changing lanes or accelerating at any given moment. While it is possible to commandeer the vehicles, it is very difficult to derail them. The steering wheels barely turn, and pressing on the pedals results in only a small speed change. Hence, the most efficient way of travel in this level is "trailer hopping" (see below).

There are endless variations of RVs, campers, trailers, and caravans present. However, they can be classified into three groups based on their capacity and size. Being designed as living quarters, all trailers possess sleeping spaces and varying quantities of food and water.1


Class C motorhomes

30-46%2 of all vehicles on the level are Class C. They can host 1-2 people. These are often small, outdated or malfunctioning; nevertheless, they offer a relatively clean bed and toilet, which are usually hard to come by in the Backrooms.

  • Lighting and electricity may not work.
  • Food resources are often scarce or stale.
  • A mini fridge or microwave is uncommon.
  • Basic seats and tables.


Regardless of interior design, every trailer possesses an exit on the left wall and one on the right wall. Each exit is connected to the nearest external vehicle3, such that all the interior spaces of all vehicles merge into a combined, non-euclidian topology. Thus, opening a door (that would typically lead to the outside road) leads to the inside of another vehicle. This occurs seamlessly, as if they were two rooms in a house. Sound waves behave similarly. In fact, knocking on an exit door would be heard loud and clear in the other vehicle.


Diagram sketched by M.E.G. explorer Evan Bauzeite.

Since the individual spaces are dynamic, the integrated topological space is also dynamic. This gives the possibility of traveling from vehicle to vehicle, a technique called "trailer hopping." Assuming one is located in vehicle A0, then:

  • Going through the left door leads inside vehicle B.
  • Going through the right door leads inside vehicle C.
  • If vehicle A0 moves into position A1 (either spontaneously or by man-made efforts) then the right door leads inside vehicle D.
  • Going through the left door leads outside, because now the edge of the road is closer than vehicle B.

If an exit door connects to the external landscape, then jumping out results in an instant no-clip out of the level. For this reason, it is impossible4 to climb off or on top of vehicles.

Trailer hopping should be executed prudently and hastily. All vehicles are moving unpredictably at high speeds, so a moment's hesitation could prove deadly. If the state of "nearest vehicle" changes while one stands within the doorway, they will be torn apart, with the half of their body that was on the other side of the doorway transported to the other vehicle.

Communities & Outposts


Asset EL13A6 up for sale by the B.N.T.G.

There haven't been many large communities cataloged, but that may be due to the dynamic nature of the level.

  • A large extended family of 12 people occupies three adjacent RVs. They are friendly and very knowledgeable about the level.5
  • The B.N.T.G has secured several Class A and elite Class B trailers, and is selling them as assets.
  • There are rumors of a U.E.C. outpost that goes around booby trapping other trailers with explosives.

Due to the unpredictable behavior of both the vehicles and wanderers, it is advised to exercise caution when trailer hopping.

Do: Don't:
- Check for hidden traps or hostile campers.
- Lock or barricade the exits if you plan to stay for a while.
- Stock up on resources.
- Stay in the same vehicle for too long.
- Neglect a good night's sleep in a proper bed.
- Worry about anything seen outside the windows.6


Through the windows of the RV one is currently in, one can see the highway, other vehicles, and a sprawling landscape. The only consistent part of the exterior is the highway, which stretches on indefinitely. However, the landscapes beyond the edge of the road are mutable and usually resemble vast, natural environments.

Landscapes have been observed to change every morning, sometimes imperceptibly, other times radically. The daytime has been recorded to last between 12–24 hours, while the night roughly 6–12 hours. The night gets darker and bluer until "Stygian midnight", a brief moment characterized by pitch darkness that is simultaneously saturated blue.7 Any windows will appear impossibly black and blue, and although fascinating, this chimeric color is straining to look at for too long.

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not the landscape is a true component of the level. An old theory claimed that the exterior didn't exist at all and that the windows in vehicles merely displayed the illusion of an outside space. The fact is, wanderers can only exist within the combined interior spaces of all vehicles, making such the true level space. The current theory hypothesizes that this level traverses through other levels, which are visualized as an exterior landscape, and that the Stygian midnight phenomenon is actually the level slipping into the Blue Channel to then "phase into" the next level.


Entering doors or falling asleep in any van or trailer has a high chance of transporting one to this level, especially if such vehicle looks out of place in its environment. RVs have been found in the following locations, but this is a dynamic list that requires constant updating:

Many previous entries have been omitted on account of them having since vanished, due to the spontaneous appearing and disappearing of entrance vehicles.9


Hop off the edge of the road to no-clip out of the level. Documented exits are:

  • Level 50, from a desert landscape.
  • Level 125, evident by signs labelled "Route 66" or "Road Ends."
  • Level 69, when it gets so dark the windows are pitch black and headlights reveal thick fog.
  • Level 80, in a desert with Himalayan mountain ranges in the distance.
  • Road to ruins, in a desert with occasional valleys, bridges and stranded vehicles beyond the road.
  • Rarely, falling asleep in the driver's seat of a vehicle would lead one to wake up in Level 238.

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