Hang on
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I knew a boy when I was young.
Little small brunette with practically midnight eyes.
The beadiness stared right through you in two, like looking at the sun.
I remember hearing their voice, just hearing them try.

And I hope they’re in a better place today,
I hope they can step forward without coals beneath their feet.
I want them to feel like they can stay, stay, stay.
I want them to hang on, hang on for me.

I try so hard to get away.
I keep pushing on, getting told I’m holding myself back.
I get sidetracked and I fall behind, but I’ll force myself to stay.
Please know, this is me trying, I’m trying so hard to attack.

I pour a bottle of whiskey, keeping things going on and on.
My somber blue heart wants to give in, it wants to give in.
I down a shot in one go, my body shivers and stops /
Moving on, hanging on, nearly throwing itself in the bin.

Please stay, stay, stay, keep hanging on.
Push forward, keep in pace, don’t stop.
Please keep me here, don’t go along.
Please don’t ever go away.

My body is frail, my ego is weak.
The world feels so far, so mellow and b(leak).
I keep hanging on and on, but the cliff is too steep.
My body crumbles, and I see you weep.

But it’ll be okay, so long as you stay, stay, stay.
Hang on, stay, don’t ever leave me, babe.

Hang on

Meghan Remis
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