Habitat Guide (plus Habitat Indicators)

This page is a guide to help you properly add a habitat to your Entity, as well as the several "Habitat Indicators" for identifying an Entity's habitat. Follow these steps!

Most Entities have actual Levels listed for their habitats, but they can also reside in Rooms, Sub-Layers, Secret Levels, etc. For the sake of this guide, consider all of these Levels. Also, keep in mind that you always have the option to add a small paragraph detailing your Entity's habitat. This is encouraged!

If your entity has only 1 Level as its habitat

Simply list that one level. (For example, the Artist)

If your Entity has 5 Levels or less

List the levels it resides in. (For example, Reviooks)

If your Entity has more than 5 Levels

You have two options for detailing the habitat(s) of your Entity. The first is to list its most common habitats, followed by "Others". (For example, the Disease)

Your other option is to use one of the habitat indicators. Words like, "Majority", or "N/A".

Habitat Indicators

Majority - The entity can be found on nearly every level of the backrooms, can be found on hundreds of levels.

N/A - The entity/entities wander, and do not stick to a single level as their home. Also can be used if the entity is extra-dimensional, and does not reside in a level the same way a physical creature would.

Unknown - The level/levels where the entity resides are currently unknown (Only use this if the entity has been confirmed to exist, but its level is unknown. Not for unconfirmed entities)

All - The entity is always present no matter where you go, in all levels

Moist - The entity resides in levels that have high moisture content, or are cooler

Dry - The entity resides in levels that are dry, or hot

Cosmopolitan - The entity is most commonly found on levels that contain high populations of humans

Isolated - The entity resides in levels that are mostly deviod of humans

Architectural - The entity is found on Levels that have the appearance of the inside of a building; Will not appear on Levels that look like towns or outdoor areas

Miteris - The entity resides in levels that constantly break the rules of reality/laws of physics

Note: These words are subject to change, and are not your only options. You can make up new ones but please do so sparingly, and ask permission from a staff member before you do this.

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