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Welcome to my domain.

Hello! I'm Super-Robot14, the tlt! (I'm also Jstaff too if that counts for anything) I often go by "Super" or "Robot" depending on what you prefer (I'm fine with either). I am mainly a programmer for this site, or at least learning to become one. Not only that but I'm passionate in narrative writing! I love this community and I can thank all of my skills today from it!

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Forever I wonder in the dark,
And whisper to the shadows,
"Ever the days where I can stay?
Ever the days where I needn't wade?
Ever the days where I can ponder tomorrow?
Forever the days where I lie in sorrow."


LSO Theme

My very own theme! It's originally meant for the "Spacetime" canon, and the "LSO" group, but I personally like reskinning it and uses it for most projects. It's a simple and sleek theme, with the primary color being purple, and the secondary color being gold. This theme was designed to be easily changed for any possible use as a dark theme. (This is the theme currently being used.)


An all-purpose, well-rounded component that measures anything! This can rate on a scale of 1-10, with any color, and any title! This could be used to show the danger level of an entity, how useful and object is, how populated a level is, etc. Your only limit is your imagination (and the fact that the scale goes from 1-10).

Custom Collapsible

This component is a collapsible, that is, well, customizable! You can make the collapsible and size, color, font, weight, and style! This can be extremely useful if you want collapsible of different colors, fonts, or even making an italic collapsible. It may seem like a niece component, which it is, but it also has a large variety of uses!

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