Guide Hub

Welcome to the Guide hub!

This hub is for beginners and experienced writers for Wikidot alike. In these pages you can find templates, tips, tricks and read about the proper way of making a Entry.

For mindset, tone, and improving your writing:

For our policies and Wiki specific rules:

  • Criticism Policy - For people looking for the proper way to criticize an entry.
  • Greenlight Policy - For people looking for the way Entries are given access to be published.
  • Licensing Guide - A guide on licensing, and what proper materials to use, and not to use.
  • Image Use Guide - An explanation of which images can and cannot be used on the wiki.
  • Rewrite Policy - An explanation of how the rewriting process works.
  • Tag Guide - A guide explaining how tagging works, and the different tags used on the wiki.

Tailored Guides for submitting work to the Wiki:

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