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What is a Group?

While some authors portrays the Backrooms as place of isolation, others see the Backrooms as populated by myriad of unique groups, factions and colonies. These are groups of humans or entities that have banded together to achieve some goal, whether that goal is survival or something else entirely.

Can I contribute to existing groups?

Definitely! Although it's often a good policy to talk the creator of the group you plan to write for before hand, and they may even be able to give you some pointers on how to portray their group.

Can I add a group that I made to the page?

Sure! Our current policy is than anything that has a group page and at least three other articles attached to it (not including the group page itself) can be posted to this hub. Although, that policy could change in the future.

Any tip for making a new group?

Try to make it stand out. We already have quite a few generic explorer groups, so try to find your own niche, or at least put an interesting spin on the concept.

Backrooms Remodeling Co.

Is your Backrooms level looking drab and old? Are your carpets soggy and wallpaper peeling? Call now at █-███-███-████ and we'll fix the place right up! You can always rely on Backrooms Remodeling and Furniture Co. to get the job done!

Backrooms Remodeling Co., a mysterious and confusing military whose sole purpose seems to be to remodel, remake, refurnish, or otherwise "improve" the backrooms. Despite the results of their efforts being… more than questionable, they're rather friendly and try their best.

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Backrooms Robotics

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, for the people of today, in the land of unlimited potential! We here at Backrooms Robotics are here to make your life in this strange new world easier and better than ever! Take for instance the Backrooms Robotics brand Lamps, a quick and easy way to light up those hard to see areas, with unlimited functionality! Have a mess that just won't come out of that damp, damp carpet? Try one of our new Backrooms Robotics brand Mobile Vacuum Cleaners, for no-work cleanups!

From monorails to AI, and much much more, Backrooms Robotics is the one and only supplier of premium consumer goods for you! Stop in at one of our stores in Level -183, Level Achromatomaly, or Level Achromatopsia!

Backrooms Robotics is a mass producing tech company which helps out around The Backrooms. Many tech-related items inside of The Backrooms are developed by this mysterious group. Their intentions are somewhat unclear, however, their projects each indicate a specific goals. They have been known to dabble in all forms of technology, ranging from grunt technology, like Lamps and Mobile Vacuum Cleaners, to AI and complex machinery, such as Koko. As they seem to have misguided morals, it is unrecommended to trust them, as they have been known to have vague connections to certain unsavory groups.

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The Black Knights

You've been around for a while, haven't you? Exploring down here, searching, perhaps even thriving. Even after being thrown into another world, you put yourself right back on top, and now you know your way around the Backrooms.

There's just… one nagging question. A few stories, here and there. Glimpses of something or someone, accounts from explorers. Recovered items beyond human comprehension. And a single, repeated set of markings, found across every level, drawing you ever closer to the unknown.


Can you find them?

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The B.N.T.G.

Whatever happens in the Keep, stays in the Keep. No word gets outta here once you're in. Collect anything you can from anyone. Keep your eye on the prize and glory will be yours.

The B.N.T.G. (Backrooms Nonaligned Trade Group) is a Group once created by The M.E.G. until it grown independent. The Group itself is made up of various mercenaries and assassins which all have a diverse selection of resources to trade to just about anyone. The Group is lead by a persona known as "The Keeper". No one knows for sure who this person is or if they even exist at all, but there is enough evidence from the likes if initials on messages to show that someone is pulling the strings. Their main base is known as "Trader's Keep", where they have set up apartment-like rooms in Level 1 for people to stay and be protected by their skilled members. The items are they collect are stored in "Trader's Vault", a large anomalous hallway of garage doors that have many various items sorted inside. The B.N.T.G. holds many secrets beyond the keep and it is suggested to keep quiet if you ever join the Group. What goes in never tends to come back out

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The Captain's Crew

They make up the majority of the population of Level 134 and consider themselves to be the closest thing to an "anarchist" group in the Backrooms.

The Captain's Crew is made up of self-proclaimed pirates that roam the Backrooms, led by an individual known only as Captain. The group is infamous for stealing from those that seem to have an abundance of resources, like the B.N.T.G. The group aligns themselves as anarchists and, though seemingly lighthearted, can be brutal if confronted or attacked.

The Cartographers

Our forces number in the hundreds of thousands, our men and women proudly march forward into battle and glory, our soldiers don the woolen purple uniforms and carry the flintlock guns that represent our mission: Unity! We gaze at the ceaseless horror of the Backrooms and march in defiance of that uncaring infinite! Our nation will persevere, our colonies will thrive and spread, and we will fight to the last man to see the banners of the Republic raised over every last man, woman, and child! In nomine regina! Pro gloria coloniarumque!

Formally known as the Cartographer's Republic, the Cartographers trace their presence in the Backrooms as far back as the late 1830's. While much of their history is a closely-guarded secret, it is widely known that they originated as a group of researchers and scholars, before an unknown event shifted their interests to the full colonization of the Backrooms. Nowadays the Cartographers consist of a highly militaristic collection of stationary colonies, spread out across the Backrooms yet all answering to one reigning monarch. Seeing themselves as a nation state, if not an all-out empire, they refuse to assist lone wanderers outside of diplomacy in their mission to raise the Cartographer's banner over every last level of the Backrooms.

The Eyes Of Argos

We protect those who cannot protect themselves, we avenge those who could not be protected and we judge those who can be forgiven. We are the judges, the jurors and the executioners of this inhospitable land. Beware of us, because our eyes are always watching…

The Eyes of Argos are the self-proclaimed vigilantes of the Backrooms. They operate divided into 5 distinctive patrols, each of them exercising justice in their own unique way, but all sharing the main objective of purging criminals from the Backrooms. This goal does not exclude any "Group of Interest" which has given them many enemies among the most influential factions.

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The Followers Of Jerry

You are here for a reason. You have been chosen; Because you are wonderful. And beautiful. Jerry loves you more than you could ever know… if you choose ignorance. But you can know. May the wingspan of a thousand feathers protect us in His embrace, forevermore shall his followers live in harmony and euphoria. Father Bluebird be with us. Come to Level 2. The Followers of Jerry will be waiting. He is waiting.

The Followers of Jerry is a religious doomsday cult that is lead by one "Father Bluebird", made up of both humans and entities that worship the entity known as "Jerry". Their main goal is to indoctrinate all life in The Backrooms into the cult. All hail Jerry.

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The Kalag Institute

Welcome to The Kalag Institute, the everlasting archives for those who came before us. We are happy to give assistance to anyone who needs access to our archives, do remember to inquire the senior archivist prior.

The Kalag Institute is an institute of immortal archivists who record, organize and archive information on every death in the Backrooms. They are a secretive group that guards their archives with fervor. The institute has created a public archives accessible to outside groups or individuals with files and exploration logs related to The Backrooms and its dangers. It is not best to ask them about the nature of the institute, they will never give you an actual answer.

The Lost

The Lost are a peoples made of culture and respect. Our history is as old as the backrooms itself, hearkening back to the earliest days of mankind and civilization. Honor and wisdom await us.

The Lost are an ancient group of multiple civilizations dating back to the earliest days of history. They have since been forgotten by time in the backrooms, with one goal unifying them all: to be remembered.

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The M.E.G.

We are the glimmer of hope. We are The M.E.G. We promise to protect everyone we possibly can and explore the extraordinary places no one has ever seen before. We will keep you safe.

The M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) is currently the largest Faction in the Backrooms, created with the goal of finding an escape. It is divided into small teams, focusing on varying tasks such as exploring, mapping out areas, and terminating hostile entities. The Group is run by "The Overseers", a team of three that watches over the various teams and holds the most knowledge. The M.E.G has created a publicly accessible database to inform Backrooms denizens on how to identify and deal with the Backrooms' various anomalies. Every day a new discovery is made. They are not perfect, but no one is. They will find a way out.

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The Reverence

We are salesmen of this realm, with the product being the backrooms itself. Our ways may be mysterious, and our organization may be hidden well, but power awaits those who we employ.

The Reverence are a mysterious secret society of sorts that are structured in a strange corporate hierarchy. Little is known about their end goals or their location, and they seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The Splinter

Working against the odds and dissolving into the shadows. We are hidden in plain sight. No one will ever know. Not even you. We will break this cycle of prosperity and will break the deceiving forces that oppose us. War is inevitable… and we will fuel your fire.

The Splinter is a group created by rogue scientists that were divided from the morals of The M.E.G. As the name suggests, which they are growing fairly fast. They keep themselves in the shadows and never dare to tell any of their secrets. The Splinter have created many different devices and given them out to many different groups to create conflicts. They want to manipulate other groups from the shadows without fully interfering. Be careful of who you're talking to. You never know who they really are.

The Visionaries of Berry

We are the those who saw the visions of reality and wish to spread it's truth. Berry, our savior, will guide us to the truth. Not just the truth of the Backrooms, but the truth of existence itself. Berry, however, has gone missing. The Backrooms is in the dark when he is not around. Help us search for him, this universe needs his ever-watchful gaze.

The Visionaries of Berry are a collection of wanderers who fell victim to Berry's telepathic powers. They praise and worship Berry like a deity and overwhelm him with attention. They communicate with each other and Berry with mysterious necklaces they created. Berry has gone missing, they are desperately searching to find him.
Gaze into his eyes, and you will be free.

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