Groups List

What are Groups?:

Groups, also known as "Colonies", "Outposts" and "Factions", are groups of people that roam certain, sometimes multiple, Levels of The Backrooms. These are mostly people that are trying to survive in The Backrooms, with some more sorted out than the rest.


Factions are large, highly organized groups of people in the Backrooms. They generally have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of members.

The M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group"):

M.E.G. Leaders:

M.E.G. Divisions and Regiments:

M.E.G. Outposts

B.N.T.G. (A.k.a The "Backrooms National Trade Group"):

B.N.T.G. Leaders:

  • Traders Vault

B.N.T.G. Traders Keep (Level 1):

  • The B.N.T.G Security and Police Department
  • The B.N.T.G Fire Department
  • The B.N.T.G Aid Department
  • The B.N.T.G Food Department
  • The B.N.T.G Weapons Department
  • The B.N.T.G Citizens

The Lost:

The Civilizations:

The Followers of Jerry:

F.O.J. Leaders

F.O.J Squads:

  • F.O.J. Team - "Feather Falling"
  • F.O.J. Team - "Talons"
  • F.O.J. Team - "Tiefblaue Papageien"
  • F.O.J. Team - "Griffins"

F.O.J Outposts:

The Eyes of Argos:

Eyes of Argos Leaders:

Eyes of Argos Patrols:

Eyes of Argos Outposts:

The Cartographer's Republic:

Cartographer Leaders:

  • Queen Pretoria II
  • The Grand Hegemony
  • The Strategist's Council

Cartographer Squads:

  • 1st Scouting Batallion, "First Volley"
  • 3rd Scouting Batallion, "Crimson Diplomats"
  • 1st Medical Batallion, "Entropy's Nemeses"
  • 2nd Protectorate Batallion, "Lords of the Vanguard"

Cartographer Outposts:

  • Station Secundus (Located on Level 11)
  • Station Tertium (Located on Level 10)
  • Station Quintus (Location currently unknown)
  • Station Septima (Location currently unknown)
  • Station Undecimus (Located on Level 807)

Backrooms Robotics

Backrooms Robotics Leaders

Backrooms Robotics Teams


  • Level -183 - "The Backrooms Robotics Headquarters"


Colonies are groups of people Larger than Outposts, and they usually set up permanent bases on their Level.


Outposts are small teams that are rarely looking for many people to recruit. Most Outposts don't usually stay on the same Level too often, unless they cannot leave.

Mysterious Groups:

These Groups either disappeared, were abandoned, or are extremely difficult to find. There is a list of all the ones that are known, although information on them is scarce.

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