A bad drink
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At the outskirts of the civilization in level 0 lived a man named Daniel.

Daniel was simple, and he was smart from his experience in the backrooms. So much so that the M.E.G hired him for a sort of colonization job: he was to go to a section in level 0 and prove that it was livable. They told him in a year they'd send more colonists his way.

Every week he had to send them a progress update through the computer so he didn't go mad in there, but it was still mostly one sided. Daniel hadn’t gotten a response in about a month.

“I know you folks got lots to do but i have to wonder what the point of sending a weekly update is if i don't even get a damn monthly response. Am i doing something wrong? Would you tell me if I was? Sorry. Might be going a little stir crazy in here.”

He sent the video to the database and closed the laptop. Daniel trotted off to his hut again where a nearby tap sat. He rigged it up with some pipes the m.e.g had given him to draw from some puddles of almond water. He turned on the tap, but only droplets came out.

Daniel sighed and began to follow the pipes back to the puddles. Sure enough they’d ran dry. He knew it would happen eventually, but not this fast. So, he began looking for any sort of new source.

He walked in one direction for about an hour before giving up. He’d have to start taking shit from the reserve tanks, which weren't supposed to be used until other colonists had arrived. As he walked back, however, he noticed something he never had before. A new puddle, probably formed from a leak in the ceiling.

“Well i’ll be damned.” He started to unhook the pipes and relocate them.

A few hours later, and for him it was “nighttime.” As he got ready, he drank to himself. For good health.

One week later and the puddle hasn't drained. The leak kept going so he never ran out of almond water. But he started to notice something about it, maybe a different aftertaste then what he was used to. Or maybe it was just regular water, not even almond.

But then he noticed, at the end of that week, that something had grown.

After he made his report that “morning” he went to grab a glass, but it fit oddly in his hand. He looked, and in the palm of his hand something had grown there. It was no less the size of his thumb, but it was there.

It was like a chunk of his bone had sprouted out and crudely tried to replicate what his thumb already did, hardly any skin was wrapped around it and in certain parts he really could see the bone.

Daniel gripped his hand like it didn't feel his anymore. He kept staring at the new finger. He couldn't move it, but he could feel things touching it like it was apart of him, and in a way it was. Completely jacked onto the rest of his hand, no pulling it off.

He went in his shack and grabbed a knife, but he couldn't bring himself to cut it off.

Three days passed. It had formed a nail.

At the end of that week it was a whole finger. Awkwardly shoved into the palm of his hand, incapable of movement. He just watched it, and wondered what he could do.

The next morning he felt something when he blinked. Daniel started to feel his face, and realized that right above his eyebrow a hole had grown. It was maybe the size of his eyelid, or, as he refused to tell himself, it was an eyelid, empty and growing a new eye at that moment.

A week went by from silence from the m.e.g. He tried to tell them, begged for a doctor to come and saw off the wrong parts of him, but things kept going.

Another week and Daniel was starting to decay further. Teeth grew from his face and arms like pimples. Calluses formed on his back, and he had two extra, unusable eyes placed on odd parts of his head. A lump had formed on his side. A second nose awkwardly pushed itself in from the side of his original. He didn't have a mirror, so he often forgot what was new and what wasn't. He started to realize it was the water. Couldn't do much about it.

“Get over here. Help me, Somethings wrong. Jesus- can you see me? Do you even see these videos? LOOK AT ME. I NEED HELP.” He said to the computer in front of him.

Two more weeks.

Any spot of him that wasn't a rogue finger, callus, or misshapen lump was dotted with teeth. He had something growing on the lower end of his back that was either an arm or a foot, and neither one was appealing. He couldn't wear shirts anymore. The lump on his side was growing into something, and was starting to split from his skin, very slowly.

The roof of his mouth was lined with other tongues and teeth, and he could barely speak coherently.

“Slumptings rung. De whargter- ishp killing ee. Don't bring enywhan.”

After the video was sent Daniel went back to his hut and grabbed his double barrel. He isn't himself anymore and he couldn't do anything without pain. He shoved it in his mouth and begged. “Cemon. Kill me. Please.”

The shotgun blew the top of his head off with one loud blast. As he died, the rest of his body woke up.

A week later and the M.E.G colonists they’d sent finally arrived. It had been a long time since they got his last status update, around five weeks ago, but the m.e.g told them he needed some help. They hadn’t seen any of his status updates since they left, but they were sure he got the place ready for them.

As they entered the crudely made gate he set up they saw what was left of Daniel crawling against the floor.

The rogue fingers were clawing against the carpet windy, and the leg on his back kicked them forward.

On his side, a new head was starting to form.

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