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this is a 100% accurate image of me(Me when mom says no mcdownloads)

Sup fucks! This is my page, wippie wop wop woo. I have written stuff, and by stuff I mean Levels(and one tale but hush). That's it, that's all you get from me. Go home now, I have no place for you.. unless you wanna see some other stuff I've done, which'd be pretty pog.

The shit I've done

  • Permission Overwritten
    • -a mysterious place to be sure, if you want to know what's there, I won't tell you. If you keep reading I'm going to give you a crap cannon answer. Please. Stop. Alright then fine. Some bipedal alligator called Dave lives there and he tickles people to death in his fun dungeon (Fungeon?) There, happy?
  • Ultimate Fate
    • -this one is an interesting one, I just like the idea of a place that kills you but not because of entities. So here, lol.
  • Level -12 rewrite
    • -I rewrote this Level because I had the option to edit a negative Level, and I kinda liked this one. as bad as it initially was.
  • Crazed State
    • -an image that originated from the Fandom(It was Level 102 there), but I took the image and decided to make a horror-based Level out of it, pog.
  • Surface Caves
    • I wanted to try my hand at what'd come directly above another Level when it comes to Sub-Levels, so I suppose this makes the first Sub-Level that isn't numerically ordered. Huh..
  • Level 22 rewrite.
    • Wow this level sucked way back about a few hours ago at the time of editing this page. It was really oddly written, and just… bland. Lol. Sooo I changed it! My original idea was to have the entity on the old Level 22 to be the one that caused the damage, but as I was writing I came up with the idea of the human settlement that would've come before it. With this entity then raiding Level 22, killing the sorry bastards on it and then living in it to hunt more. But I got really intrigued by writing a backrooms group that died purely from its own fault. Which is what I did!
  • Level 38 rewrite.
    • -Oh boy, this Level. It was probably one of the most hated of the base hundred Levels, sitting at a whopping -10 before I got around to rewriting it. It very almost never happened too, since I thought Stretch was doing one. But they gave the reigns over to me, and I eventually got it posted and out onto the site.
  • Stage Fright
    • This is actually my Christmas Exchange Level, it was originally given the number of Level 145, but literally a few hours before the Level got greenlit the original Level 74 got deleted. So, I decided to change Level 145 to Level 74 because I got excited by the idea to have a custom written Positive Level that was in the double digits.
  • Level 100 rewrite
    • I rewrote this Level because it was pretty bare, and it's not like it's some nothing Level with some random number, I'd say Level 100 is a pretty important one! So I rewrote it to be more interesting.
  • The Progressive Decay
    • - my first Level, it's actually based on a location I do in an rp on a discord server. So there, some fun trivia i'm sure you weren't interested in
  • Spire Complex
    • -one of my more recent Levels, I did it cus I saw the image while searching for Level 4 pictures. I know I know, don't make a Level cus you like the appearance, but oh well people liked it
  • The Model floor
    • -a level I made cus I like trains! Fucckkk yeahhh! Traiiiinnnssss
  • Broken Servos
    • -This Level is probably the Level that went through the most edits. The image was changed, the name of the entity was altered slightly, and the way to reach the sub-sections was changed too! But hey, I still like it
  • Collabed on Blank Space
    • -Woo, this may have been the first time an SD contest winner was used outside of the contest! This Level is tied to the above two Enigmatic Levels, maybe read and find out O_o
  • Collabed on End Of The F#c*ing World
    • -This was Box's original Level before the Collab, I just helped with grammar and ideas.
  • Collabed on Road To Ruins
    • -This originally wasn't going to be a collab, but BoxOfFun-IT(the other amazing author I worked with) actually saw the idea for this Level on my idea dump, saw it was similar to one they were writing, and we made a whole thing out of it!
  • Make Believe
    • -not gonna lie on this one, I have no idea where the inspiration came for this one. It just appeared once my head and I was like, oh, that's neat.
  • Collabed on The War For Scene-01.1
    • -a tale based on the Collab project, It does have a diegetic way of existing, but the object for that simply just doesn't exist.. yet.

The shit I'm still making

  • A rewrite for Level 19
  • A Level made of nothing more than padded cells
  • Somewhere made of nothing but crystals
  • A rewrite to the now deleted level 890
  • Tale/level that goes into detail cataloguing levels at the start of their creation
  • A sublayer to a yet-to-be decided level where a house and field magically crashed into it
  • A level that is everything
  • A list of PA's
  • An opposite to The Grave
  • Rubiks cube level
  • The bottom of The Blue Channel
  • A middle of The Backrooms
  • Another Blue Chanel Sublevel

if you wanna see that shiz, check these:

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personal info

So, you've scrolled down enough to find this bit, you must reaaaaalllly be bored huh, well, I shall entertain you with some ✧・゚:Personal information:・゚✧

My name is Ella, I go by she/they, I live in the UK. England to be precise. I'm a college student, and I'm studying film making. I'm currently 16 17 B), which is cool. I like do draw, and I even have a deviantart!

What's that? Do I hear.. A shameless plug? Oh my god, I do!

here's a shameless plug!

So yeah, there we are. What's that, you want more? why?? Go do something productive, or rate my pages with a +. That's very productive

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