Greenlight Policy

This page will explain the process of how entries are greenlit and posted to the site! If you have further questions, please take them up with our Critique Team or raise your questions in the discussion section!

"What's a greenlight?"

A "greenlight" is a term used as a go-ahead for posting, sort of like a green light at stoplights! On our site, it's used so that our greenlighters can give permission to users looking to post their articles on our wiki!

"What do I do to get greenlit?"

Greenlights can be received from Critique Team members or from our non-staff greenlighters! To receive greenlights, there are two methods available for you to use.

Option #1 (recommended): Through Our Discord!
1: Create your sandbox page!
To create a sandbox page, head on over to our current sandbox site! Be sure to read through the directions given on the site to help you follow the rules of the site and keep your sandboxes organized!
2: Write your article!
This part's up to you! Take your idea and flesh it out. We recommend referring to the Guide Hub for some formats to use.
3: Submit it for critique in our Discord server!
Head into our server (be sure to read the rules there as well) and send your sandbox link in the #sandbox-links channel! Here, both greenlighters and critiquers will be able to view your sandbox and offer critique in the accompanying #sandbox-critique channel, and if a greenlighter finds your article ready to be posted, they'll offer a greenlight!
Option #2: Through Our Forums!
Steps one and two remain the same for this method. However, rather than heading to our discord, you can use our site's draft critique forum and receive both criticism and greenlight through the Wikidot! This method is typically slower, though it's still a very viable option for receiving greenlights.

Our current list of greenlighters is down below! Any of the people shown below are capable of greenlighting your works if they determine them as ready to be onsite.
Note: Themes can only be greenlit by members of our Technical Team. Aesthetic critique is fine from normal members, but Tech Team input is required to ensure your code is tidy and functioning.

Greenlight Exemptions:

We currently have a system in place that allows authors who have already shown that they can write quality work to post without a greenlight.

The system works as follows:
1. Any author who has written at least 3 articles that have a rating of +15 or higher may post without greenlight.
2. Because tales get significantly less attention, they only need to have a rating of +10 to count towards the total.
3. Because contest entries can be posted without greenlight and get more attention, they require a slightly higher vote threshold to count of +25 for non-tales and +20 for tales.
4. Because themes, components, essays, guides, and translations are very different than normal prose pieces, they will still require a greenlight and do not count towards the total +15 articles.
5. Translations will be in their own category where, if you posted 3 translations that have a rating of +15 or higher, you may post more translations without a greenlight.
6. Articles with the "collaborative" tag do not count towards the total +15 articles (this denotes articles that can be added to by other users after they are posted on site, and doesn't mean any article written by multiple authors).

If you do not fulfill the requirement, you still need a greenlight to post.


: Accepting crit requests
: Accepting crit requests but may be slow to get them done
: Not accepting crit requests
: Unspecified (this user has not updated the list yet)

"What will happen if I avoid the greenlighting process?"

Remember, greenlights are a requirement, not a suggestion. If you coldpost an article, it will be deleted, regardless of if it's in deletion range or not. The user coldposting will receive a message urging them to review this page, along with the source code of their article so that they may receive genuine critique on the article. If the user proceeds to continue coldposting, they may be banned.

And that's it!

We hope you have fun creating new entries and are having a good experience onsite. If you have any complaints, suggestions, or questions, please contact staff so that we can offer our help. Thank you so much for your time!

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