GOI Contest 2021

The contest has ended!

Thanks to all the participants!

GOI Contest 2021

Since the early days of "The Explorers", the different groups of people (and occasionally entities) that reside in the Backrooms have been integral to the lore of the universe. New groups are introduced to the wiki every month, but if you look at the groups list, it's clear that many of the groups we do have are barely developed, with only a handful of articles to their name. For this reason, we have decided to hold GOI Contest 2021!

The Contest

Participants will create teams of 3-5, choose an existing GOI (Group of Interest), and write a number of articles revolving around that GOI. These articles can all be connected to one storyline, or they can be completely separate pieces.

Final rankings:

1st place: UN!MASKED : 102 points
Members: SariastuffSariastuff, StretchsterzStretchsterz, Natedagreat563Natedagreat563,Kitty RikaKitty Rika

2nd place: “something literature related” : 58 points
Members: DrBobtailDrBobtail, Abe VenrickAbe Venrick, FerraruFerraru

3rd place: Enigmatic Mechanics : 57 points
Members: Smith MachineSmith Machine, WesbotWesbot, stellatestellate

4th place: sandbox guardians part 2: this time, it's personal.: 39 points
Members: captaiincaptaiin, CutTheBirchCutTheBirch, makaraigmakaraig


Backrooms Remodeling co. Remodeling co.

Members: sunoksunok (Captain), BlurpleFoxBlurpleFox, gagartasgagartas, s n o w ys n o w y, MtsirMtsir

Group: Backrooms Remodeling co.


Members: CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander (Captain), etoisleetoisle, daviiiddaviiid

Group: The Reverence

"something literature related"

Members: DrBobtailDrBobtail (Captain), Abe VenrickAbe Venrick, FerraruFerraru

Group: The Lost

Enigmatic Mechanics

Members: Smith MachineSmith Machine (Captain), WesbotWesbot, stellatestellate

Group: The Splinter

The Judges

Members: TheBountyHunterTheBountyHunter (Captain), AlkrolydAlkrolyd, Tyler42Tyler42

Group: The Eyes of Argos

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