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You wanted me to tell you about the gods we once walked with?

Thousands of years ago, long before the yellow wallpaper, nature ruled, and man knew their place. In this time, man was joined by the Gods, a group of powerful and mysterious entities who kept nature in balance and helped man survive. Over time, man became greedy. The paradise provided by the Gods was not enough for them, and so they killed one of the Gods and feasted on her corpse. The Gods disappeared after this, and they were never seen again. Much of this history is long forgotten, but no secret can stay hidden forever.


Among the trees and the water and the earth were the gods. They visited us often. In the beginning they resembled animals but they still had an air of respect around them. We gave them offerings. Small at first, perhaps only a plate of berries, but we soon realized that as our offers became more extravagant, they would do more and more to bend the nature in our favor. Increasing crop yields. Curing diseases. It became paradise.

Main Storyline

Some fools who decided to discard me when I was no longer any use to them. They treated me as a god but stabbed me in the back at the first opportunity. I bet you trust your friends too. I don't doubt they would leave you behind if they were ever in danger.

One million Earths piled on a turtle's back roll off one by one as their constituent parts shatter onto the cosmic floor below. It all started with the beginning.

On the 986th day, the people decided to carry out their plan. [untranslatable] agreed to a cloak fitting. The Taylor brought him to a location that they had declared ahead of time. They threw the chains on him, and the iron burned his skin. This gave them enough time to start the ritual. Eleven arrows pierced his skin as the volunteers began to shed their flesh in the fire. They kicked him down the stairs and beat him into submission until everything had fallen into place.

On the 987th day, they closed the door.

All is silent except for the distant sounds of footsteps as a red-skinned creature quickly approaching the unsuspecting town. The creature is unlike the Hounds that make their home in the forest, though perhaps just as beastly. It runs on two legs and carries an obsidian-black two-pronged spear in one of its muscled arms. It stands at over seven feet tall, and atop its shoulders are not one but two hairless heads. It has no eyes from which to see, nor ears, nor nose. Its teeth are bared, but it's tongue tastes nothing but blood. And yet, it senses. It knows where it is and what it's here to do, and it will destroy its target or die trying..

Notable Wanderer - "The Oracle" (Coming Soon)

Rita, remember what happened to the cat?

Her wax wings burned and she fell to the ground.

Side Stories

A figure falls to the concrete soundlessly. His skin rips and his bones break, but the ground is dry of blood. A cheap-looking plastic werewolf mask flutters to the ground after him, for the first time his face is naked to the cool air. Perhaps if he could feel the breeze against his skin, he would wake up, but he stays still, his milky eyes staring at the clouds above as if truly seeing for the first time. His mouth open not in shock, but in wonder. It almost seems as if he is just frozen, as if this single moment can stretch on for eternity, but then the body finally begins to bleed. Almost imperceptibly, the mouth twitches as if trying to choke out one final word. And then, he's still.
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