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Hello! Thanks a ton for stopping by! We are an osdd system who goes by The Seance! Below you will find some (not all) of the alters who regularly front/interact with everyone!


This section covers basic information about both the body and each of the individuals featured in this little tabview!

Our body is 18, but each of us have individual ages!
Ranboo (me) and ena are ageless, Mikayla and Tommy are 16, Lucy is 23, and Glyph's age is anomolous but remains at child level.
Everybody's left handed!
There are actually around 11 alters in our system, but I just listed the ones more likely to front

The Works™️

(plus some author commentary)

Entity 179 - M - here's the link!

First page I ever made. Still pretty proud of it, there's a LOT of lore on M that I have not yet published on the wiki. Stay tuned for that in the possibly forseeable future!

Rework commentary - As of 8/5/2021, M's page has recieved a revamp! I added a couple lore elements, ESPECIALLY regarding the Back Market, and ultimately made her page even more memorable! Stay tuned for future M content!


The haha funny subway fight club level. Probably one of the best things i will ever dream up, ever since the idea's initial conception it's been a hit. I just personally loved the idea of like "hey what if there was a level where u just beat shit up on a train" then that evolved into Onslaught Station! In retrospect, it also paved the way for The Conductor to become a more fleshed out character than just the voice behind the onslaught, but THAT is a whole other can of worms that I hope to open soon!

ONSLAUGHT STATION's theme - u know what to do!

The theme for the above. MAJOR PROPS to Snom, Argon, Rika, Deer, and Birch for helping me make the theme as good as it is now! It kinda accidentally let me speedrun author status on the wiki as well, not complaining there lmao

Level 317 - NEON SHUFFLE - You can visit them here!

Second level, second Conductor! Originally dreamt up as a level focusing around the Magneto Spectacles (mentioned in the level), it slowly expanded into the simplistically brilliant article it is now! I had a ton of fun making this one, especially the make your own board feature! Took a little bit to build up the courage to have it reviewed for greenlight, but I'm glad to say it's finally up! Go check it out if you haven't, and if you've got time, don't be afraid to make a board of your own!

NEON SHUFFLE's theme - Boop! :)

Hilariously, I got this published way before the actual article! Special thanks to Birch for helping me out with the syntax!


Finally, another actual article! This time, it's a package deal - The Conductor's enigmatic entity page(s)! I always figured the page would have the option to swap themes, but it was only during the writing process that I had the idea to make each page's writing reflect the theme! Thus, the page is a two-for-one deal on Ozkon and Nesko! Hope you enjoy their silly banter!


coming soon!



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