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interactive fiction writer on the backrooms wiki, what will they create (a lot of second person POV writing oops)

I have a strong aesthetic affinity for Victorian flower art, turn-of-the-century Japanese-European blended clothing, post-WWII American commercial art, and black iron industrial styles. Blame Dai Gyakuten Saiban and Fallout for this clear case of excessive brainworms.

Writing-wise, I love creating metanarratives about characters and their awareness on the tropes and context behind their narratives, messing with narration and perspective, and examining how people interact with their environments.


Notable Person - The Actor
I love metanarratives so much. Also we need more Asian characters. Both topics combine to form the most hype I have accidentally created in the Backrooms Wikidot Discord server for anything I have ever posted.

Entity 346
I like the moon :)


The First, Second, and Third Person (and none of them the real one)

What if The End started to adapt?


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