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Book 1: Chapter I

In the beginning, there was a book. A single book, which outlined the history of anything that would ever happen. You were not meant to have things happen to you, because everything was outlined long before you would ever need to care. You did not have to worry about what would happen, because everything was already decided long before you were meant to know. Everything about everything which would happen ever was already there. The book sat on its lonesome, untouched by anything and everything.

One day, a great being came along into the book's realm. That one single being controlled everything which happened, yet knew nothing of which would happen. She encountered the book, saw no meaning for it, and tossed it away. The book spread into the cosmos, creating a land of chaos. The single book created a warped world of neglect and bloodshed. Wars waged on for nothing, the epidemics and plagues which grew never stopped.

Seeing her mistake, the being went back to the bloodied wasteland. She did not sympathize with the land, instead taking disgust in what she created. She wept for seven days straight, before turning the once horrid land into a desolate barren wasteland. From there, she obliterated the land from existence, purging it from the cosmos. All she left was the book, which she began to read. She saw the fate of everyone and everything, and was overwhelmed. She threw the book once more, but this time, she aimed for a less chaotic world.

The book landed in a place of wonder, a place where no mistakes could be made. The world surrounding it was filled with hope, never once becoming anything near the place the book was before. However, the book did not belong here. The book was not hope, it was destiny. The book rejected the land it was placed upon and began to float away, never to be seen by that land or the goddess again.

The book drifted within the cosmos for twelve days and twelve nights. Throughout its journey, the contents stayed the same, but the book tore away at itself, altering the worth of everything. Eventually, the book made its way to a strange land. Flora filled the world the book found itself in, and both hope and peril remained at where the book was. It felt content with where it was, so it settled its roots. From that moment forward, the bodiless place the book was at had a name.

The name given to that world was Earth.


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