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NAME: Gani
TITLE: Senior Archivist of the Backrooms branch of the Kalag Institute
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Kalag Backrooms Div.; Senior Archivist's Office in Level 11


Gani is the Senior Archivist of the Backrooms branch of The Kalag Institute. They are of Filipino descent and appears to be in their mid to late twenties. They claim to be much older than they appear, saying that they are ancient and existed during the late 16th century.

Gani works from their office in Level 11 and constantly wanders around The Backrooms and is also known to talk almost exclusively to members of The Lost. Gani claims to have been permanently reassigned to the Backrooms by their boss whose identity is still unknown. They document and archive the profiles of every human that has died in the Backrooms. Currently, they are working on archiving and categorizing the existing files in their database prior to them "no-clipping" in 2017.

Gani displays a nonchalance to the dangers of the Backrooms, with reports of them not being able to die. They have been involved in the discovery of a previously unexplored level in relation to their work.

The M.E.G. is interested in forming an alliance with Gani and their institute.

Interview Log 12/26/20

The following interview is between Operative Reed and Gani after the discovery of Level 944.

Operative Reed State your name for the interview please.

Gani: Just call me Gani. You have questions right? Look at that, you even have your questions ready on paper, that's so adorable.

Operative Reed: Uh- Well I'm here to ask about your job. Which is..?

Gani: I'm just an archivist who was unfortunate enough to be stuck in that… Level is what you people call that right?

Operative Reed: It's Level. Anyway, you said that you archive deaths right? Could you elaborate on that?

Gani: Ooh… We, the institute, do the paperwork when someone dies. Paperwork for [ AUDIO CORRUPTION ]1 specifically.

Operative Reed: Right… Do you have other people you're working with?

Gani: At the moment? No. I've been promised a team but I've been here for three years now, almost four now actually!

Operative Reed: Reading your discovery log, it seems like you often have to travel right? It doesn't make your job easier right?

Gani: Well duh! I'm a one-person team handling what a team of seven people should be doing. Ugh, that annoying [ AUDIO CORRUPTION ]. They're always making me do the harder jobs. I already did so much for them like [ AUDIO CORRUPTION ].

Operative Reed: We'd love to make it easier for you. Since you can't exactly die,it would a great idea for us to help each other.

Gani: That's nice of you to ask but why would I do that?

Operative Reed: You did just air out your frustrations with your job.

Gani: I'd love to but it's not a smart idea. Imagine if I handed a knife to a child and told them to make a gourmet dish. That's what your offer sounds like.

Operative Reed: Wait-

Gani: If that's all you're here for then you should leave now. Please get out of my office.

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