Evangeline Holmes

In Loving Memory of Rosaline Holmes STATUS: DECEASED

[Full Name]: Rosaline Chloe Holmes

[Age]: 24

[Date of Birth]: 12/29/1996

[Date of Death]: 3/15/2021

[Team Position]: Junior Archivist - M.E.G. Division Veracity Searchers (Departed)

Rosaline Holmes, aged 24, died on March 15th, 2021 during an unexpected fire within her station on Base Omega.

Rosaline was born on December 29, 1996 in the Frontrooms, specifically in the town of Chesapeake, Ohio within the United States. Having no-clipped alongside her twin sister and father during her teens, all had joined the M.E.G. to join the cause of finding an exit out of the Backrooms. She made valuable contributions to the organization, such as aiding in the research of Object 24 as well as conducting multiple, successful rescue missions outside of her main team.

Rosaline was seen by close friends as kind-hearted, yet assertive—always one to take initiative and speak her mind. Rosaline adored singing, even going as far as taking gigs in several Levels to showcase her passion. She was a devoted sister and daughter, a talented artist, and an aspiring archivist, who was bound to take leaps in the M.E.G.

Rosaline is survived by her fiancé, Catelyn Rodriguez. She is preceded in death by her sister, Evangeline Holmes, and her father, Lorenzo Holmes.

A memorial service is scheduled on the 24th of March, 2021 at 13:00 on Level 11, near Base Beta. Flowers and condolences are accepted. For more information, please contact Tristan Petrovic at moc.liamkcab|civortept4#moc.liamkcab|civortept4.

At least this reminds me… And to think… this all started with a dream...

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