Archived Journals Of Lucy Fox 7

Entry Six

Oh wow, I completely forgot about this journal. It's been a few days since my first killing, and I've never been better. I had one of those neg tmg whatever their name is, come up to me and try to take off my mask. How dare they? They started trying to tell me that the mask wasn't who I am. Those naive fools have no idea what they're talking about. The mask and I are one. I've spent the past few days roaming the city, embracing my new and improved self. Fear is truly the most powerful weapon. When you learn to overcome it, like me, your true self will be revealed. After all, as Evie told me, to mask is to reveal.

Oh, that reminds me. Yesterday I stumbled across another masked individual. They told me I found a Volto Mask; a rare type. Apparently, they are known as The Masked Maidens. They understand who I am. They understand the power and beauty of the masks. They understand what I've become. They learned to embrace the voice of the mask. They see the corruption in groups like the… darn it I forgot their name again MTG, and want to dismantle it. They talked about the horrid experiments done on them, and how they, even now, treat them as less than people. After seeing my newfound happiness, The Masked Maidens offered me a place in their group, and want me to become one of them. I accepted their offer, willing to join the cause.

I started keeping this journal for self-experimental purposes, but the Maidens told me they were interested in my documentation. They said they wanted to keep it as a testimony of how great the masks are, and use it to convince others into joining the cause. I think I'm going to enjoy it here. Anyone who reads this, I offer you the same option. If you find a mask, put it on. Then, the truth will finally be revealed.

Lucy Fox is now a member of the Volto-wearers of the Masked Maidens. She has learned to embrace our lifestyle and ideologies. If you read this, hear the testimony of Lucy. She learned to mask, and so could you. Always remember…

To Mask is to Reveal

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