Archived Journals Of Lucy Fox 5

Entry Four

I put it on. It feels… outstanding. I can talk to the mask now. It's entered my mind. Why was I so worried? I feel so strengthened. I feel enlightened. I feel powerful. I was so afraid of this thing at first, but now I feel nothing but comfort. This mask is who I am now. She says her name is Evangeline. She's quite nice, and keeps telling me how I've just made the best decision of my life. She's telling me to look at the shadows. It wants me to go deeper into the darkness. I'm gonna do it.

I'm not in the building anymore. I walked into the shadows of the dark store, and the gateways of the shadows were opened to me. I fell through one, and came back through another. It was incredible. Evangeline told me it was called Buio Volto. It was a very cool experience. I am outside now, so I think I'll take this opportunity to enjoy some sun with my new friend and new life.

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