Archived Journals Of Lucy Fox 3

Entry Two

I broke into the store to get the mask just now. I left it hanging on the wall, mainly out of fear — its cold, dark eye-holes are staring at me like two abyssal voids. It's giving me really bad vibes. For some reason, though, I have the overwhelming urge to look at the mask and be near it. I think I'm going to touch it.

I touched it. It feels like a normal mask. I'm starting to think all the fuss about these things is in vain. Why was I so afraid of a theater mask? I think I should document the mask in detail. The mask is gold and shiny, and looks like it's designed for the whole face. It's made of plastic, but the plastic feels strangely fancy. You know what, I'll just draw a sketch on the next page.


Well, it's no Van Gogh, but it gets the point across pretty well, I'd say. I'm getting more intrigued by the second. Every time I look up at it, it seems to almost whisper to me. I kept hearing my inner voice telling me to take it off the wall. I think I'm going to do it, only because I want to see what happens. The NTG LTG whoever they are keep telling everyone not to put these things on, but I need to know what these things are. I'm gonna grab it off the wall. I'll write here if anything happens.

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