Fractured Safety
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I finally found an escape from those annoying worshipers of mine, a level in which no wanderer can access, a broken one.

This place is nice, a quaint home with a field surrounding it. There's no food I can easily reach, but it beats being pestered constantly by those people. I do, however, worry about the… integrity of this place. It's falling apart, horribly unstable. Sometimes basic concepts such as gravity are no longer constant, they just flicker in and out without a trace. I could just chalk it up to "it's just how this place works" but I know that's a terrible lie. I can feel the level crumbling beneath my paws with every step that I take, and it haunts me.


The world is collapsing around me.

The warmth of the sun reaching through the windows and warming up the sofa reminds me so much of home. I miss it, but I doubt I could ever return. Those "Visionaries", as they call themselves cannot find me here. This level has had all entrances closed off for years now, I rely on my abilities to enter this place. This can't be my home forever, though… there's that countdown in the sky…


The ominous countdown in the sky looms over everything I do, reminding me that this safety is only temporary, as fractured as it is. I fear the day when my home starts to shatter, this world crumbling into nothingness, the sun falling out of the sky. Everything will be gone, my safety will be gone. I need a plan, before it's too late.

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