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so just wanted to check if this is a original concept or not
think of the Wheel of Fortune card, but backrooms
basically like twisted luck and fate

how that would work:
A dice in an empty room. symbols engraved on the walls
(you have to roll it. if you don't, there are consequences)

after rolling, what you walk into depends on what you rolled.

1 - a field of dead four leaf clovers. no entities, fog and overcast sky
2 - pools of Sulphur, mercury, water, and salt (the elements on the card, might change)
3 - diseases, even more instability, ouroboros symbols
4 - entities, nearly can't move because of the instability, similarities with the human limit,
(might add something about red threads)
5 - hourglass, (time until your death) figure appears, thrown into whatever level you were in before.
6 - ???
(the figure fully approaches)

anyways, need help naming the levels and the sublevels? different outcomes? areas?

the dealer

orb1t41orb1t41 22 Feb 2024 01:12
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 11.4

I find this page odd. It’s really unusual to see that this has so much ciphered text, and I find it unnecessary to the page itself. It is extremely tedious to decode everything for a side narrative that isn’t all that interesting. Does it raise some questions? Sure. Is it something I would feel like looking into more closely? No. Epic hook fail. When decoded, it’s extremely descriptive gore that doesn’t do anything for the article. If this is supposed to be the start of an ARG, it doesn’t grasp my interest. I don’t know what this article is trying to tell me outside of the content of the level itself, the “This isn’t what it seems” cliche that is just confusing, and the hook of a possible ARG is uninteresting. There are multiple cases of weird SPaG that I caught as well.

-1 by orb1t41orb1t41, 22 Feb 2024 01:12

~ scutoid (backrooms wikidot mod, backrooms fandom admin.)

+1 by scutoid studiosscutoid studios, 21 Feb 2024 23:42

Am I allowed to move the pages around according to this after it is published? Or is that not allowed?

Merry Christmas

Re: Downvote -1 by LegendaryLarnLegendaryLarn, 21 Feb 2024 23:15

Hey, sorry that happened. I could not figure out how to transfer my offsets to the main page. However, I implore you to use the other links.

Merry Christmas

Re: Downvote -1 by LegendaryLarnLegendaryLarn, 21 Feb 2024 23:02

Reason for the downvote:

lack of wikidot page experience: when i write this down, it's been 6 minute, the pages current stage is empty, the author, during this 6 minute, didn't bothered to create a fragment page, and leave the entire things here… yeah, there's nothing i can do besides the downvote button.

update 8 minute after: the offset links to sandbox page, and the main page is full gibberish, can't hook me up to read, sorry.

side notes/off-topic:


as a writer and author, a page have to have some merit, gimmicks for people to want to proceed reading, yes, cipher puzzle might be good, but when you use an entire page, specially the main page which you supposed to use it to hook readers, is a bad choice, author need to reconsider the structure of this said Level.


the page is now fully available and there's no issue with it at current stage.

however i kept my downvote opinion after reading.

Downvote -1 by cakelord114514cakelord114514, 21 Feb 2024 22:47

This stuff is by Saria fr

+1 by DivineAtlasDivineAtlas, 21 Feb 2024 22:39

(I've moved the post because staff does not do Greenlights).

Well, looking at the contents of the draft, not much has changed. There a few edits in the first page, but the second offset still has the same problems it did before. It still has that weird #u-back effect as well as a lack of information about the Parrots and the Divine Bird Plan.

You're just going to have to wait I suppose. Our Discord is more active than the forums, and you'll have an easier time contacting a Greenlighter there.

Re: SEEKING FOR GREENLIGHT by BlueSignetBlueSignet, 21 Feb 2024 22:20

It is a constant struggle for the M.E.G. to document accurate information on these entities. Partygoers are more intelligent than humans, and they are plentiful. This page is in what's effectively a state of online tug-of-war with their edits and tampering. Not to mention, they spread rumors and false information offline and in other places, so the M.E.G. themselves are unsure whether their information is correct. The page's jumbled nature is reflective of this. Several people gave their input based on the way they interpreted what was real and false, and based on what they've seen. The only information that is certain to be true is what they themselves had witnessed.

Re: Cautious +1 by MC_Crafter_24_7MC_Crafter_24_7, 21 Feb 2024 22:01

Or was it? =)

Jokes aside, there's definitely a lot of disinformation that makes it really hard for the M.E.G. to properly maintain this page.

Re: +1 by MC_Crafter_24_7MC_Crafter_24_7, 21 Feb 2024 21:56
Re: Novote by Endrew1Endrew1, 21 Feb 2024 21:47

The description and the narrative around the Partygoers and Team Partys over are great, but I personally feel like the pacing and position of each narrative part is extremely jumbled. Still, more than earns an upvote.

Cautious +1 by Unknown UIU agentUnknown UIU agent, 21 Feb 2024 20:56

Don't get me wrong, I do like Level 2 its one of the og original levels of the Backrooms and I do like the concept.

However, similar to what MyraidFox said earlier in the year. The article goes on and on, repeating information we already know of and heard once already. At this point in the article once it discusses the entities existing on the level, it quickly begins to drag on and becomes, well, boring to read to say the least. Again I don't mean to be hurtful, but I unfortunately have changed my vote to a negative. I hope you can understand with my reason given.

Changing my vote -1 by Venomous mount Venomous mount , 21 Feb 2024 19:37

I got this feel from the page already but Saria also confirmed this. This is a page basically calling out the shit P.O.I.s and yes there are MANY pages that do this, (e. joke pages Level XXX, Entity XX, Object 47.) These pages basically call out stereotypes for pages onsite. Now, the second joke calls out the pedo problem on TS which makes more sense relooking at the page.

This page, (unlike those,) is actually funny but it is a recurring theme where pages call out stereotypes. A major problem though is that as pages eventually get rewritten, a lot of those stereotypes will eventually disappear making the joke pages that made fun of those have no real meaning.

Now, with this one, one of the jokes WILL remain but still.

Re: +1 to Novote by noah rabenoah rabe, 21 Feb 2024 19:25

Level fun is our next rewrite. It will come back soon.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to myself, I will encourage you to downvote the article if you think it to be particularly egregious. There's nothing malicious about judging a page as bad despite being well-written.

There are roads,
a samurai must travel…

Re: +1 to Novote by SariastuffSariastuff, 21 Feb 2024 18:59

never been done before btw. no clue what you're talking about. also count 2 of (one of) the joke(s) flying overhead.

Re: +1 to Novote by r a t i fr a t i f, 21 Feb 2024 18:55

aaaand the joke flew right over his head.

Re: No vote by r a t i fr a t i f, 21 Feb 2024 18:53

womp womp. also where's the trend? can you remind me of where this has been done before? this is quite original in my books.

Re: Novote by r a t i fr a t i f, 21 Feb 2024 18:52
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