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Re: Neon Mall
GelatinGelatin 19 Sep 2020 21:18
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 122

Thanks for the feedback broski! I’ve taken your constructive criticism and I’ve made some changes to the page, being honest I think the idea of The Food Court being an outpost was a great idea instead of jamming all the information about The Sever and The Food Court in the same place. Thank you once again for your feedback on my page! :D

Re: Neon Mall by GelatinGelatin, 19 Sep 2020 21:18

I've seen sparse mentions of the Cluster system across the site, notably within Level 999's page, and I've decided to make this post for some clarification. If there isn't much information concerning Clusters, I figured this thread would draw some attention to the concept.

The main questions I have about Clusters are as follows:

  • How many Clusters are there? Are there an infinite amount? What happens if you reach the end?
  • Are the Clusters separated by any major differences between their Levels?
  • Are there different entities between the Clusters?
  • Are the Clusters always 1000 Levels large, or do they fluctuate in size?

And, most importantly:

  • How are we going to tackle multiple Clusters once we fill out Cluster I?

And that was from me, Azamo.

Concerning Clusters by AzamoAzamo, 19 Sep 2020 15:41

this post has been purged

don't read by CitricDecemberCitricDecember, 18 Sep 2020 17:19
Neon Mall
CitricDecemberCitricDecember 18 Sep 2020 16:18
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 122

Im not any official reviewer or critique, so take this with a grain of salt.

Honestly, I really like this whole level. The lights switching colors, alerting you of entities close by is an interesting idea. I think you should not have put those random garages in, rotting or locked, because they do not contribute to the level too much, other than containing some Smilers. If you would like to improve it more, I suggest making the Food Court an outpost. I know it doesn't have an existing location, but if someone else is in there and you get there too, I guess you could see eachother.

Anyways, I'm gonna give this a:

+ 1

P.S.: Great job, friend, hope you'll notice this comment! 😉

Neon Mall by CitricDecemberCitricDecember, 18 Sep 2020 16:18

Page Type: Level

Genre (Optional): Undefined (Adventure?)

Page Layout (Optional): Same ol’ layout.

Elevator Pitch: Level 205 is a series of flat plains with treasury beneath the level’s surface.

Central Narrative: In 20██, 6 members of the F.O.J. disagreed with the rules put into place and was exiled from Level 2’s F.O.J. Outpost. After 10 consecutive days of looking for a viable group to settle in, they ended up in Level 11. 2 exiled members were curious about a chainlink fence across a boundary of Level 11 and climbed into Level 205.

Hook/Attention-Grabber: This is the first level to be capable of being plumbed for resources.

Additional Notes: Nothing yet.

Level 205 - Archeology by TheAntarcticTheAntarctic, 17 Sep 2020 22:32
Re: the deciphered data by Kosef SturreKosef Sturre, 16 Sep 2020 19:33

Level 173 is the 174th level of the Backrooms. It was discovered on 8/15/19. It was Discovered by u/Bart0nius.


The only part of the Original Post that I've been able to Decipher goes as follows:
Now, as for this level itself, I’ve discovered that it’s sort of a large, 27 cube Rubix cube, in the sense that all the square, identical rooms are stacked in a 3 x 3 x 3 shape. They shift whenever I move this cube I found on the wall, so I currently have control over it, which is pretty neat.
Assuming from Bart's post that this Rubix cube exists I would not recommend we allow this cube to fall into the Cold Reich's Hands. I shudder to think about what would happen.

Danger level 4 tentative rating

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


A possible entrance is in level 8 of the Backrooms.


No way to leave this level for now

Level 173 by Lawer12346Lawer12346, 16 Sep 2020 19:09

Page Type: Level

Genre (Optional): Undefined

Page Layout (Optional): Nothing New. Standard Stuff.

Elevator Pitch: Object 20 is a Intel MicroATX Motherboard that can transport you to Level 298. Level 298 is a seemingly large-scale replica of Object 20

Central Narrative: None

Hook/Attention-Grabber: This is the first microscopic level.

Additional Notes: None

Took me a while but I got this up and running!


First Post! by Lawer12346Lawer12346, 16 Sep 2020 17:39
Okay then
Lawer12346Lawer12346 16 Sep 2020 16:58
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 9

I once read a post by Bart0nius a year ago that said that he didn't like the idea of level 9 so he tried to re-do levels 8 and 9. That is what the dream part about Bart0nius is about.

Okay then by Lawer12346Lawer12346, 16 Sep 2020 16:58

Hey, looks great! You should join the discord server so the critique staff can see it more easily :D

Re: Really?
Kosef SturreKosef Sturre 15 Sep 2020 17:35
in discussion Meta / Per page discussions » Level 45

Ah, ah ah! No, it's an infinite Home Depot.

Two totally different things.

Re: Really? by Kosef SturreKosef Sturre, 15 Sep 2020 17:35

"The sole entity on this level is an obese nurse wearing a paper bag with the first aid symbol on her head. Her legs have been amputated and replaced by an antique self-balancing scooter. The entity carries a giant syringe in her arms."


I think I'm mainly just confused by the idea of how a mental asylum is supposed to noclip. How does that work, exactly? The building would be part of the environment in the Frontrooms, so how would the entire structure suddenly go through said environment and fall into the Backrooms? And even if that were feasable, wouldn't it wind up somewhere in Levels 0-2, rather than become it's own level?

This page has so much confusing logic to it that doesn't seem to the rest of the Backrooms. I highly suggest you either find a proper way to explain why said logic applies here, or just conform it so that it fits within the main canon. Otherwise this post goes against the lore pretty strongly, especially since it's been submitted to the main canon.

This level confuses me... by Kosef SturreKosef Sturre, 15 Sep 2020 17:19

Alrighty, thank you for the info, I was hoping someone would inform me on this. :D

Re: Level 122 entry by GelatinGelatin, 14 Sep 2020 00:35

I know I’m not a moderator of this site, but I have obtained some notes from these forums. You can post an article without needing a critique.. if you have already received a greenlight for an idea and the draft for said idea. But it’s not up to me to answer this question.

Re: Level 122 entry by TheAntarcticTheAntarctic, 13 Sep 2020 22:09

This is my first time making an entity on a new site, so feel free to be a little rough. I was never really good at making files so, here ya go!

Crit please. by Doctor VindixDoctor Vindix, 13 Sep 2020 18:43
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