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Sticky: Need Critique?
Where to solicit critique
by: ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer
07 Jun 2020 13:11
AKA how to make your draft more attractive
by: ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer
31 Mar 2020 15:38
This is my first entry, go easy on me. Looking to get this critiqued and greenlote. Message me.
by: gasterBlaster1gasterBlaster1
23 Oct 2020 18:24
The other day I created a joke level under the name "level 619" and it refers to the WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio who's intro song say's "booyaka booyaka, 619" I have alredy created a sandbox for this as I am quite unclear on how the author process works. I posted the code bit for that underneath here, im not sure whether that's what the box is for but I put it there. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, here is a link to the sandbox; I have joined the discord and asked several times how to publish a level and was helped upon doing so but I am still unclear. If I have done something wrong I would appreciate it if i were told so. Cheers
by: Im PavlovIm Pavlov
17 Oct 2020 02:36
I made a gas mask page, and want someone to notice it so I can get some feedback, because I am new and want help with the formatting and such.
by: egg360egg360
14 Oct 2020 18:57
by: TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
12 Oct 2020 21:32
I could use a bit of help for critique on my new level. This is my first level, so it is bond to have some flaws, but I am hopeful for its future. Thanks!
by: spikeal777spikeal777
07 Oct 2020 01:29
Sub level for level 178.1, and entry for sub level contest 2020
by: YellowISlolYellowISlol
05 Oct 2020 19:23
by: TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
25 Sep 2020 08:31
by: CitricDecemberCitricDecember
18 Sep 2020 17:19
by: FazbearIntertainmentFazbearIntertainment
18 Sep 2020 13:06
3 by spikeal777spikeal777
08 Oct 2020 13:31 Jump!
Metal Detectors are still welcome.
by: TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
18 Sep 2020 07:14
Based off of old reddit post i found
by: Lawer12346Lawer12346
16 Sep 2020 19:09
It’s uphill from here... literally... again.
by: TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
14 Sep 2020 21:40
2 by VivamusLudioVivamusLudio
15 Sep 2020 18:54 Jump!
by: Doctor VindixDoctor Vindix
13 Sep 2020 18:43
by: bigman69420bigman69420
11 Sep 2020 03:58
So, I have made a draft for a trap level, and I wish to have some critique to know if I should post it or not.
by: Backrooms TravellerBackrooms Traveller
06 Sep 2020 21:12
2 by spikeal777spikeal777
07 Oct 2020 13:41 Jump!
I need critique on my level! Thank u
by: WhiteStarOffiWhiteStarOffi
28 Aug 2020 19:30
by: actuallyarisactuallyaris
13 Aug 2020 16:52
by: VivamusLudioVivamusLudio
11 Aug 2020 18:12
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