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A short place for non-Greenlighter critiquers to introduce themselves.
by: BlueSignetBlueSignet
31 Oct 2023 00:15
6 by pnn wepmpnn wepm
14 Nov 2023 17:27 Jump!
AKA how to make your draft more attractive
by: ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer
31 Mar 2020 15:38
6 by themadvirus613themadvirus613
15 Jul 2022 14:43 Jump!
My first page. A coastal city at night.
by: JSX87JSX87
04 Dec 2023 16:20
by: Nonutfor ImortalNonutfor Imortal
03 Dec 2023 15:20
by: I_am_a_dragonI_am_a_dragon
03 Dec 2023 07:33
2 by JSX87JSX87
04 Dec 2023 18:05 Jump!
by: Dr losterDr loster
03 Dec 2023 04:51
This is the first level (in the middle), which is completely related to the ARE group (recently changed), since for the most part its description is very similar to the MEG. So, this is just the half draft done by the ARE group.
by: Error012Error012
29 Nov 2023 19:08
by: I_am_a_dragonI_am_a_dragon
28 Nov 2023 04:06
2 by Error012Error012
28 Nov 2023 17:24 Jump!
by: BackroomsGuruBackroomsGuru
27 Nov 2023 20:29
3 by BackroomsGuruBackroomsGuru
28 Nov 2023 11:51 Jump!
The only thing you will be standing on is beach sand. Now no one has been able to see what is behind the wall. This is because it has properties which prevent anyone from crossing. It can cause dizziness, fear of heights and other effects which seem to have no name. Many rumors that there is a hidden area, while others say it takes you to another level. Level 379 can be completely silent at specific times and the only sounds that can be heard are the sound of the sea on the beach and some sounds of pelicans, but most of the Level 379 is completely silent, there is also a sound that can rarely be heard the which seems to come from the other side of the concrete wall, the sound varies which has been identified as being different sounds from levels of the Backrooms (a city, the hum of fluorescent lights, machinery, etc…). The water, which varies depending on the person who likes salty or sweet, after a few seconds the explorer begins to feel calm. That's half of Level 379, I expect ct.
by: Error012Error012
27 Nov 2023 00:18
2 by LegendaryLarnLegendaryLarn
27 Nov 2023 17:18 Jump!
Redid level now onto review
by: Average_boiAverage_boi
26 Nov 2023 23:35
New group for the wiki! The A.R.E, only criticism. This group analyzes and explains abnormal levels in more detail.
by: Error012Error012
26 Nov 2023 21:03
9 by Error012Error012
29 Nov 2023 18:11 Jump!
Yes, I am the one who was given perms. Anyways the concept is basically the same, just refined and expanded upon
by: BlockHead42BlockHead42
25 Nov 2023 14:53
Here is a little article I made, please let me know what you think!
by: Univ - Wise ExplorerUniv - Wise Explorer
22 Nov 2023 13:03
by: I_am_a_dragonI_am_a_dragon
22 Nov 2023 12:10
I would like to receive criticism from Entity 199 created by me, the name is "Canine Protection".
by: Error012Error012
21 Nov 2023 21:48
3 by Error012Error012
21 Nov 2023 23:59 Jump!
by: I_am_a_dragonI_am_a_dragon
21 Nov 2023 11:24
3 by Error012Error012
21 Nov 2023 20:54 Jump!
by: U_ncleU_ncle
21 Nov 2023 02:28
by: Emperor OinkyEmperor Oinky
20 Nov 2023 05:24
by: WaterBugWaterBug
18 Nov 2023 18:52
6 by WaterBugWaterBug
22 Nov 2023 18:02 Jump!
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