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So, I made a story with uh... a ton of crossovers. I still need a bit more critique before I can request a greenlight.
by: aarnarchyaarnarchy
24 Nov 2021 18:22
6 by aarnarchyaarnarchy
05 Dec 2021 20:00 Jump!
A small draft i made based on my own surroundings and a fear.
by: thatonemaniacthatonemaniac
05 Dec 2021 01:29
This is my first Level, and I would like help with figuring out tone, concept, and whether this would do okay on the site because I'm not sure if something like this has been done already. Constructive comments only please! Multiple reviews are encouraged and much appreciated!
by: nodnal020206nodnal020206
04 Dec 2021 23:08
Level X is a basement with a large hole in the wall, which is very slowly expanding over time, and a cult of humanoid entities that are obsessed with presumably level 283.
by: GeniusAnderID25S03GeniusAnderID25S03
25 Nov 2021 15:14
by: Valerie_LearoValerie_Learo
22 Nov 2021 06:11
2 by aarnarchyaarnarchy
24 Nov 2021 23:26 Jump!
Idea has previously been approved.
by: TheAntarcticTheAntarctic
21 Nov 2021 20:26
A short draft around 600 words about a simple object in Backrooms. This is my first draft in wiki, hope you guys can check it out!
by: KirQKirQ
21 Nov 2021 09:13
An infinite jetbridge.
by: DirtFromSoilDirtFromSoil
13 Nov 2021 14:20
2 by Kate6969Kate6969
21 Nov 2021 03:10 Jump!
Hope I can get greenlighted. I'm really pumped about showing my ideas!
by: 49Man49Man
16 Nov 2021 02:54
8 by 49Man49Man
20 Nov 2021 19:57 Jump!
I need a greenlight, also give me feedback on what I should fix
by: 49Man49Man
19 Nov 2021 02:22
Had to use new thread due to earlier problems
by: 49Man49Man
19 Nov 2021 01:18
hello can you please review this level for me thank you xoxo
by: Dr_Fast46Dr_Fast46
17 Nov 2021 10:15
by: Dr_Fast46Dr_Fast46
17 Nov 2021 10:14
Hoping to get insight on this draft and hopefully some notes on how to make it feel more connected to the greater backrooms as a whole.
by: NeoBioHazardNeoBioHazard
26 Oct 2021 14:26
4 by NeoBioHazardNeoBioHazard
15 Nov 2021 22:05 Jump!
Feedback. The overall concept and idealistic approach of Level 395 is to make the reader dwell deep into the art of vagueness and mystery. To feel a sense of intimidation, and unsecurity. With most of it related to the vanishing of certain individuals by unknown sources.
by: RiemannHypothesisRiemannHypothesis
15 Nov 2021 19:30
don't mind this
by: saiconihachidasaiconihachida
14 Nov 2021 07:02
The Minotaur's Labyrinth is a large, but not infinite labyrinth of Greek origin. Due to there only being one person who has survived this Level during its discovery, data is very limited. This Level seems to follow very closely with the legend of the Minotaur, but with some key differences. The young man(taking the place of Theseus) turns into the minotaur after killing it. 7 maidens and 7 young men assumedly are brought into the level every year by unknown means.
by: OhOkIGuessOhOkIGuess
13 Nov 2021 18:59
The level makes wanderers think that they're shrunken down. This level establishes the idea that Cluster II is just a reflection, or a parallel of Cluster I, but slightly off.
by: GeniusAnderID25S03GeniusAnderID25S03
12 Nov 2021 01:26
5 by FerraruFerraru
13 Nov 2021 14:57 Jump!
Hello! I wanted to try writing my first page in this wiki, and it would be nice for some feedback! Really, thanks a lot if any is able to read it.
by: RobotUprisingRobotUprising
05 Nov 2021 05:01
2 by RobotUprisingRobotUprising
12 Nov 2021 03:58 Jump!
Check my sandbox Andromedead also if there is any other way to do this tell me (I can't use discord or redit.)
by: AndromedeadAndromedead
29 Oct 2021 17:12
2 by SolarisExplosiveSolarisExplosive
08 Nov 2021 22:36 Jump!
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