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A short place for non-Greenlighter critiquers to introduce themselves.
by: BlueSignetBlueSignet
31 Oct 2023 00:15
11 by msluce09msluce09
15 May 2024 01:48 Jump!
Sticky: Forum Rules
Behavioral expectations while using this forum.
by: BlueSignetBlueSignet
10 May 2024 22:44
AKA how to make your draft more attractive
by: ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer
31 Mar 2020 15:38
6 by themadvirus613themadvirus613
15 Jul 2022 14:43 Jump!
Level 131 is a farm level, but different from others that were created before, it has a sentient entity and farm-themed activities, but with interesting twists. I hope you enjoy it.
by: GenoFanGenoFan
09 Jun 2024 16:31
Hello, fellow wanderers and greenlighters! I’m back with another level that needs a greenlight. This time, it’s a level in the traditional sense with some unique properties, not with some dark gods or the Temple of Strife. Again, I would love to see some amazing critique on it. What did I do wrong? What can I add? What typos did I make? Would this be okay to put on the site? See for yourself by clicking the link to my level, looking through the page inside of that link, and typing your thoughts on your very own reply. It's very appreciative if you do.
by: Kyrenzane10Kyrenzane10
12 May 2024 07:31
3 by ReyDayReyDay
06 Jun 2024 21:17 Jump!
A series of diaries found on Level 4 that talk about a MEG Agent who came to this endless hallway. His life did not have a happy ending, he did not expect anything, only his death.
by: Error012Error012
04 Jun 2024 19:02
I have been working on this level for about a week now, and my draft for the page is finally finished. I was wondering if the tech team could check this page and if it's good enough give me a greenlight. If not, then tell me how I can make the page better. Thanks and happy viewing.=)
by: HaloIsNotMyNameHaloIsNotMyName
13 Apr 2024 03:57
10 by BlueSignetBlueSignet
31 May 2024 16:18 Jump!
The idea of this level is something I've not seen done before, so I wanted to get it across. It's essentially a level that you can play through like an RPG, although of course it's you actually experiencing it first-hand instead of controlling a character. And this still acts like a level - you can't just jump in and out whenever. There's also a powerful entity running the entire thing. Would appreciate feedback!
by: BlueSkiesAboveBlueSkiesAbove
04 Apr 2024 10:36
44 by DeclaredDeclared
31 May 2024 16:12 Jump!
I have finished fixing all my grammatical mistakes I made in my last post seeking for critiques again to get a recommendation for the GL giving process
by: Z zabra1Z zabra1
20 Apr 2024 13:22
5 by Z zabra1Z zabra1
23 May 2024 00:41 Jump!
by: LinkandDriztLinkandDrizt
14 May 2024 15:53
4 by LinkandDriztLinkandDrizt
19 May 2024 14:09 Jump!
It is my first work on Wikidot. Level 652 is a children's center which has high danger, with its own life and ability to hack into the database of M.E.G.
by: Lustroit404Lustroit404
06 Jan 2024 05:04
4 by BlueSignetBlueSignet
17 May 2024 03:00 Jump!
by: Abizcool12Abizcool12
17 May 2024 02:43
2 by BlueSignetBlueSignet
17 May 2024 02:51 Jump!
by: ThatPenguinThatPenguin
30 Apr 2024 20:43
6 by ThatPenguinThatPenguin
14 May 2024 22:01 Jump!
by: ARG MakerARG Maker
12 May 2024 18:39
by: PearbranchPearbranch
06 May 2024 02:19
3 by TheValutaterTheValutater
11 May 2024 13:46 Jump!
by: 4KOWOyt4KOWOyt
09 May 2024 09:43
by: WrongappleWrongapple
18 Apr 2024 16:55
6 by Z zabra1Z zabra1
29 Apr 2024 14:14 Jump!
A school which is covered in purple gloom
by: CriminalOfLiminalCriminalOfLiminal
25 Apr 2024 19:21
by: Jason FangJason Fang
23 Feb 2024 22:13
3 by InteleonBoi1427 InteleonBoi1427
25 Apr 2024 13:19 Jump!
by: z dnz dn
21 Apr 2024 10:09
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