Forgetting What Was Important
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Log 23.10.29 Start

It's five in the morning, or so I assume. Time is weird here, wherever here is.

Yellow and brown, yellow and brown…

I wish I was home. Back in my car, a 2004 Chevy Avalanche. I loved that thing, been through heaven and hell with her it seems. My father gave it to me as a hand me down but goddamn was it the best gift he's given me besides life.

My father, rest his soul… Heart attack at age fifty, what a joke. Smoked like a chimney, guess that's what ya get for tempting fate with those fucking cancer sticks eh? I hated those things, always have and always will.

Yellow and brown…

Where… am I? Might as well rest I suppose. What day is it? Here is a good spot…

Yellow and brown.

The sounds here are awful, flourescent bulbs that hum for eternity it seems. Reminds me of my old home, my father's office with flourescent lights to drench the room in a yellow glow. That room… I think it was the one where my father caught me smoking that one time after school! He was so angry with me, he hated those things like the plague. Must've broke his heart. If I get out of this hell I want to visit him and mother, see what they're up to nowadays.

Where am I?

Yellow and brown, yellow and brown…

I… don't remember sitting down. When did I sit down? I didn't sit down here, I was walking just now. Where am I? It doesn't matter. This is just a dream, no reason to worry. The bulbs aren't humming, you're humming. Who's humming? No, it's alright.

Where am I…?

Brown. Yellow and… brown? Yes, yellow and brown.

Who is that? Oh, it's… mother! She looks worried, I wonder why? Where are we again? I ask my mother, she seems upset. Oh, and father is here too! Sister and brother have come along, right? Who is with you, father? Sister? No, it couldn't be. Sister doesn't have… a blurry face, no. She has a ponytail, and a ribbon on her wrist. She loves her ribbons, right? Who are you again?

Yellow. Brown? Yes…. right?



Where am I? Mother, who are you hugging? Father isn't here, is he?

Goodbye, ma'am, thank you for the hug! I wonder who she was? It's alright, I suppose. Time to say goodbye to my new friends. Who are you again? Rebecca, my sister's name is Rebecca! That's interesting, no? Oh, goodbye then miss. Who was she?




Where am I again? I wonder where I am. It's alright though, the floor feels nice. I enjoy it here, the yellow humming. Brown humming is here too. Where is everyone? Humming yellow, yes. Who are you? Yellow? I… remember, of course! Brown hums here, right yellow? Yes.

Good… Night, mister. Yes, mister… Good…

End of log

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