Font Vote
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The vote has concluded, and this page is now an archive. The community has spoken, and the winner is Public Sans.

With the introduction of the new site theme, NuLiminal, staff has decided to hold a vote for a new font for the site!


Before NuLiminal, the font for the site was actually broken — the theme tried to grab a proprietary font called Proxima Nova, which didn't work, so the font was just whatever old font your browser had lying around. Which isn't great, because ideally the site should look the same on all browsers. Also — surely we can do better than those default fonts, right?

The font that NuLiminal currently has is Lato. It's a very modern-looking choice, and it has a nice font weight and beautiful italics (in my opinion). But the best font is the font that the site's users actually want. So vote!

How to vote?

Vote by rating each of the fonts' pages (as linked below) — you can rate them positively or negatively! You can rate more than one of them — why not rate them all?

Things to bear in mind:

  • What's its vibe? What's is personality?
  • Do you like how it looks?
  • How are the italics? How does the bold look?
  • Is the font easily readable?
  • How well does the font go with the site's monospace font Fantasque Sans Mono?

Have a great time with the vote !!

Font options:

When does the vote end?

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