Followers Of Jerry
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Who are The Followers of Jerry?:

The Followers of Jerry are a faction consisting of all survivors indoctrinated by Entity 7, known more commonly as "Jerry". Jerry is a blue parrot that causes those who touch him to worship him like a god. They become extremely upset when people tame Jerry. The F.O.J. has an estimated member count of at least 400. Their leader is a man named "Father Bluebird". The Followers of Jerry are not outwardly hostile to survivors based on affiliation to certain factions, and have successfully indoctrinated members of the M.E.G., the B.N.T.G., and even The Cartographers. Their main goal is to assimilate all people and entities into worshiping Jerry, and take full control of all territories and Levels in the backrooms.

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Here is the List of events that have happened with The Followers of Jerry (not in order):

List of Teams:

F.O.J. Leaders:

F.O.J. Squads:

F.O.J. Team - "Feather Falling"

Team "Feather Falling"'s main task is to spread the word of Jerry and indoctrinate new members using Jerry himself.

F.O.J. Team - "Talons"

Team "Talons" is a more militarized team that is used to assassinate people who openly speak out against Jerry and the F.O.J. In addition, they are utilized to take over outposts of those who do not believe in Jerry.

F.O.J. Team - "Griffins"

Team "Griffins" is made up of a small number of facelings and wretches that have been indoctrinated by Jerry. They are tasked with luring other entities into being assimilated by Jerry.

F.O.J. Outposts:

  • Jerry's Room - The main hub of all F.O.J. operations, as well as where Jerry is worshiped. The supposed home of the mysterious man known as "Father Bluebird".
  • Follower's Outpost (Level 2) - A major outpost in Level 2. "The Survivors" are often targeted here.
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