Flip To B Side

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C… I can't— I'm gonna fall—

C: Oh shi— Hey! Hey, I got you, I've got you. HEY EVERYONE! WE'RE STOPPING HERE.

B: We have to k-keep moving C, it's not safe here.

C: No, you need to drink water. Does anyone have any water? Dammit someone get me water!

Hang on B, we're almost there.

B: Why are we doing this, C?

C: You know why.

B: …I miss him.


B: You can't just ignore our history, C.

C: Like hell I can. Watch me.

B: Being angry isn't going to help anyone.

C: Then what am I supposed to be? Huh? Perfectly fine with what he did to us? Just waltz back into Base Alpha like, "Oh yeah I don't have any free will, but it's fine I'm sure he'll give it back eventually." Yeah sounds fucking great to me B.

B: We're killing ourselves by walking away like this.

C: What, you think we should have stayed? Let him fuck with us more? Let me remind you who left first, you. Not me. I followed you.

B: You say that like you wanted to stay.

C: Of course I-

Here… Drink this.

B: Thank you.

Remind me again where we are heading?

C: We're going to Level 61. My assistant is the leader of the outpost there. I've already radioed ahead.

B: The grass here… it's soft.

C: Yeah, I guess so.

B: Come sit, C.

C: …we need to keep moving.

B: C… wait- do you hear that?

C: Shouting… what the fuck is going on?

Hey! Hey, where the fuck are you all going? You're like half our squad!

Their names are irrelevant: We're leaving, this trip isn't worth all of our lives. We're going to Base Beta.

C: The fuck? You're going back to them??

B: Let them go, C.

Nobody matters: Yeah, and you won't be stopping us just because of some grudge you have.

C: It's not some fucking grudge, you weren't there how the fuck would you know?

Doesn't matter: I'm not spending any more lives on your stupid vendetta.

C: You know what? Fuck you, coward.

Nobody cares about the lives lost: You wanna say that to my face? "C"? At least Stretch was brave enough to tell us his name! I don't even know you!

C: He would backstab you in a second given the fucking chance. Like you know him any better?

Who cares: Whatever, we're leaving.


…Like hell you are.


B: Oh my god— what did you do??


B: C stop it!!




C: …Like I was saying. Nobody is leaving, and nobody is going back to him unless you plan on telling me first.


We leave at dawn. Get some rest.

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