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The original version of this page was also really cool, and a lot of it is in tact. That was by Pandashark17500 does not match any existing user name!! Awesome indus person.

NOTE: The indus Overseers are different, if you were confused. stellate made the designs for them! But what's relevant for this tale is that C is in a wheelchair — he's not paralyzed, it's for chronic pain, so he can get out of it himself to sit down etc etc. If you were wondering.

by your local faceless scutoid

"C! I can’t, I’m gonna fall!"

Justin’s little oversight regarding the Backrooms Robotics group didn’t go over so well with the rest of the Overseers, much less the victims of the decision among the M.E.G.

He couldn’t have known, sure, but that was of little comfort to those who’d lost their free will. Their privacy. Their lives. They weren’t their own anymore, but somebody else’s.

It was time to cut their losses. It was time to splinter off. It was time to get rid of what was holding them back, and to make new plans.

“You’re alright. Take your time, we’re in the clear for now.”

B: “No, we can’t- we have to keep on moving.”

C: “We can’t keep moving if you’re dead. Did you run out of almond water–?”
He had a bottle in his wheelchair, but— empty. Typical.
He didn't even turn before shouting to the agents trailing behind them.

B: “C, what are we doing here?”

C: “What do you mean?”

B: “We’re killing ourselves running into the wilderness like this.”

C: “What, like how you two ran away back home?”

B: “This is the Backrooms, C. It’s not as simple as that.”
A no-name gas mask handed her a thermos full of almond water.

C: “Shut it. Drink your water.”

B: “Thanks.”
She took a swig of her almond water. Remember discovering this together?
“…I miss him.”

C: “No you don’t.”

B: “You can’t just ignore our history, C.”

C: “Like hell I can, watch me.”
He was having a hard time ignoring it himself. It was written all over his face.

B: “What good are we doing these people? We left so many behind…”

C: “Oh, so you think we should have let them stay there? Getting bolts for brains? Giving power to that fucking corporation, with help from that idiot brother of yours?”

B: “A’s not an idiot, he just made a mistake.”

C: “It’s not about him. Our agents are still there.”

B: “It's not just about them. He’s still there. I care about him.”

C: “He’s in good form. He’s happy enough how things are.”

B: “I know. He's standing by Yellow, even if he knows he messed up.”
You could kick the tension with a boot.
“Hey, remind me where we’re going?”

C: “It’s Level 61. I radioed ahead with the outpost there, my assistant runs the place."
"They’re on our side, at least for now. We can rest there.”
Or you could cut it with a knife if you prefer.

Some Gas Mask: “Hey. You two.”

C: “What did you just call us?”

Another: “We’re going. This isn’t worth it. We aren’t going to lose our lives because of your stupid fucking grudge.”

C: “No, you’re not! You’re like, half our squad! You’re seriously going back to them? Fuck right off.”

The Second One: “What are you angry about? ‘S not like you're walking around with a mask for a face, you were just a coward who wouldn't set the M.E.G. right!”

C: “You mark my words right now, I am GOING to set it right.”

Traitor 2: “Gonna say that to my face, C? Who even are you? Justin told us his name when things went to shit, you could at least tell us that.”

C: “He would stab you in the back if he got the chance. If you’re going, get fucking going. But it won’t be the last you hear from me.”

B: “C, just let them go… it’s not worth it.”

He knew she was right, and that he couldn’t hurt all of them anyways.

“C, the grass here is so soft.”

C: “Fuck this. Kat, just call me Andrew.”
The three remaining agents had earned his trust.

B: “Come sit.”

C: “I’m already sitting.”

B: “Come sit next to me. Come on.”

He put up a small fight, but he relented.

And things were OK for a second.


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