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The Backrooms.

General Questions

  • What is this? | The Backrooms Wiki is a collaborative writing site focused on the Backrooms. The authors on this site create new Levels, Entities, Objects, Tales, and the rest of the lore, to create a cohesive universe. It is based off this post on 4chan. It was started up by ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer, and the current Main Admin is Dr BierreDr Bierre.
  • But what are 'The Backrooms'? | The Backrooms are a fictional location consisting of millions and millions of square miles of randomly generated rooms and hallways, filled with uncanny Déjà vu inducing nightmares. No one knows where it came from, or how it was created. Across human history, people have "no-clipped" out of reality, and ended up here. The M.E.G. is still trying to find a way out.
  • What is No-Clipping? | No-Clipping is a term coined from video games, meaning your physical body failed to make contact with (or clip) with the physical space in front of it. In the Backrooms lore, No-Clipping is used to break the bounds of reality and travel through walls. Its the main way to access the Backrooms.
  • Are the Backrooms real? | No, the Backrooms are a fictional location. But that doesn't mean many of the photos depicting it are not real world locations.
  • This kind of reminds me of SCP… | That makes sense, this Wikidot is based off the SCP Wiki. But don't be confused, the Backrooms Wiki is not SCP. Do check out their Wiki of course, huge respect to them. ♥
  • This all sounds really cool. How can I contribute? | Reading and rating the various articles on the Wiki and helping to give feedback is the best thing you can do to help build our community. You can also become an author or even consider joining the team!
  • What's up with that 'not secure' in the top left? | The [not secure] is a https availability, it does not in fact mean that the site is any more or less susceptible to a breach - only man-in-the-middle attacks, which are quite low impact (you can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS).
    • So far, in the 13 year lifetime of similar wikidot sites, such as SCP, there has not been a single breach, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard.
    • Even if there is a breach, all that will happen will be internal to wikidot, so only that account being lost, and perhaps some vandalism is the worst that could happen.
  • Does this Wiki have any social medias? | Yes! Here's a list of all our socials.

Backrooms Wiki Socials

Facebook Group - The Backrooms
Twitter - @BackroomsWiki
Instagram - @BackroomsWiki
Discord Server - Backrooms Tech Support
Reddit - r/Backrooms_Wiki

Wiki Questions

  • Aren't the Backrooms just Level 0, 1, and 2?/Isn't the Backrooms just one level? | For the purposes of this website, no. No possible development, story, or lore can be had from just 1 or 3 levels.
  • I have an idea for a Level/Entity/Object/Tale! | That's great! We're always looking for more great content on the site. Check out the Guide Hub and Contributions Guide to learn more.
  • I've written some articles, can I have an author page? | You can request an author page in the Discord server. You will need to have at least 3 entries that have stayed over rating 0 for 24 hours to be considered.
  • What is CC BY-SA? | Its a license for image content used on the Wiki. If you want to use an image in your article, it has to be CC BY-SA. Check out the CC Image Search.
  • What is Entity 1?/I have a proposal for Entity 1! | The Entity 1 is a list filled with information regarding Entity 1-level threats, i.e. unconfirmed Entities that are powerful enough to cause widespread destruction or instability. If you think you've got what it takes to create an Entity 1 proposal, message a staff member.
  • I'm having some trouble with the syntax. | Check out the Wikidot syntax page here.
  • Are you connected to r/Backrooms? | Yes and no. On that subreddit, we are considered the Extended Lore Wiki, and it is linked from that page. There is a lot of debate on whether or not the Backrooms should be just one or three or infinite levels, and all three of those mindsets exist on the subreddit. Here, it's only the latter. While they're a fantastic source of Backrooms content, the two websites are not affiliated.
  • Whats the deal with the Backrooms Fandom Wiki? | That was the first Wiki for the Backrooms, but it is not considered canon anymore (it has also been run into the ground from vandalism). Though many staff, authors, and even content from that wiki has migrated to this one, the two websites are not connected.
  • Why are there rewrites/migrations of old Fandom content? | The Fandom was the first ever collaborative effort to create lore for the Backrooms, and many of the most iconic ideas/levels needed were strongly associated with the Backrooms. However, to fit with the standards of this Wiki, they needed to be rewritten.

Staff/Administration Questions

  • How can I contact the staff? | The best way is to join the Discord server, but you can use the Contact Staff Forum to bring up things in depth.
  • What does it take to join the Staff Team? | All information regarding joining the team is listed here. Join the team here! Good luck to you if you decide to apply! We're always looking for some help.
  • Help! A staff member is being a jerk to me! | Contact Dr BierreDr Bierre, StretchsterzStretchsterz or 1000dumplings1000dumplings (or another member of senior staff) if this happens. Make sure you follow the rules of the site and be respectful to others anyway.
  • What are the rules of this site? | See Site Rules.

Lore Questions

  • Who/What created the Backrooms? | No one knows.
  • Who is "Meg?" | Not a person. The M.E.G. (A.k.a The "Major Explorer Group") are a Faction made by the People of The Backrooms as it started out as an Exploration Outpost, to a sort of Military Government for The Backrooms. They are the main Faction of the Backrooms.
  • Who are the B.N.T.G.? Lost? etc. | See the Groups List for more information on the other Backrooms factions.
  • How does time work in the Backrooms? | People in factions like The Lost have been around for a very long time, and not died of old age. In short, time in the Backrooms flows non-linearly, you age much slower, and are practically immortal (unless killed). For all intents and purposes, the Backrooms is timeless.
  • If the Backrooms are timeless, why hasn't the wars between factions ended? | From the perspective of humans in the Backrooms, time does pass on. A stopwatch would work perfectly fine, the brain can still count hours and minutes and seconds. Calendars have been made as well. And remember, the M.E.G. was only made back in 2012 in lore. These wars just started.
  • If the backrooms is timeless then how come there aren't more people from the past aside from Level 5? | Many of them are now part of The Lost, made up of ancient civilizations. Also, many people are from the past, they just look like normal people. Don't forget the Backrooms are dangerous, and many people who have survived since the 20th century would likely either be killed or commit suicide.
  • Can people across different timelines/realities enter the Backrooms? | No. The reality where people from from in the Backrooms universe is mostly the same as ours. Obviously, fictional people exist, but there's only one universe. The exception to this is cannons.
  • How can factions have territories if the Backrooms is infinite? How would you ever find a location again? | Just because there are infinite Levels does not mean every level stretches on forever. Markings on the wall exist to guide wanderers, as well as two-way radios.
  • What do people in the Backrooms eat and drink? Do they need sleep? | Sources of food exist in the Backrooms, sometimes you can even hunt entities and harvest their meat. Water and Almond Water are also possible to come by. And yes, they do need to sleep. Although a Wanderer can go on for weeks without any Drinks or Food. Even at this point, Almond Water is still fought over for it's sanity curing effects.
  • What the hell is "Almond Water"? | The concept of almond water originated from the Fandom Wiki. Its a real beverage you can actually drink, its pretty good! In the Backrooms, its a source of both water and sanity maintenance. See more here.
  • Can people give birth in the Backrooms? If so, why isn't overpopulated with humans and not desolate? | Yes, normal human biology continues as normal (except for the whole immortality thing) so birth is possible. However, remember that the idea of passing on your bloodline isn't really a cultural pressure. Survival is. And most people would never want to give birth to a child to have them grow up in a place like the Backrooms. Not to mention how difficult it would be, and how taxing it would be on the already limited resources.

Other Questions

  • Who created 'the Backrooms'? | The original post on 4chan was made by an anonymous user. The development of its lore is a community effort.
  • Where was the original Backrooms photo taken? | That is still a huge mystery. A great YouTuber by the name of DavidCrypt and his followers are investigating that, you can find out more here.
  • (Someone told me that) the Backrooms is [insert personal view of The Backrooms]! | The Backrooms does not in fact have one singular explanation or canon. The Backrooms are 90% personal, and the only common setting observed is Levels 0 through 2. After that, it greatly differs. Some people think of it as 600 million square ft., some as infinite, some as just one Level, some think of it as having no Entities. TL;DR: there is no definitive canon.
  • Then what Canon does this Wikidot follow? | Even though The Backrooms have no true definitive Canon, we try to follow a 'Headcanon', to where all of our stories connect in the same lore, unless marked with the "Otherworld" Tag.
  • What is 'Otherworld'? | Otherworld is a Category that is used to differentiate Entries that do not follow our main 'Headcanon'. These are great pages to read, and we highly suggest taking a look at them!
  • What is this strange feeling I have when I look at a photo of the Backrooms/Liminal Spaces? | There are many factors to that, but in short, many of the famous Backrooms images/Liminal Spaces are areas that are designed to be populated with people. When empty, our brains feel like something is off, and we get a strange feeling associated with it. Also, they are often depictions of locations many people would have in their childhood, causing a sense of familiarity.
  • Is Jerry the only thing in this world that matters? | I… uhhhh…. I guess??
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