Fandom Migration

Welcome to the Wikidot, former Fandom User!

If you are a former member of the Backrooms Fandom Wiki, and would like to move over an entity/level/story/etc, this page will teach you how to do so. Properly.

Step 1

Join this site!

Step 2

Once you are approved, go to the entity number/level number you would like to move your page too. Keep in mind that pages originally made on Fandom will not always coincide with those here. As such, your number may already be taken by a different article. Feel free to choose another number.

If you are making a tale, type the title of your tale after the '/' in the website. (ex:

Step 3

Press "create this page" at the bottom. Paste in your entity/level, and press save when complete.


You can leave your Fandom article as is if you so choose, but bear in mind that it will eventually be changed to fit this wiki's format. You can access a template selection after choosing to create a page, just pick what template you'd like!

In addition, any Fandom article copied over to this website can be changed by other members as they see fit. However, this is only to make it better, and not change it fundamentally. If this is the case, report it to staff.

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