Evangeline Holmes
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Sub-Sector Leader Profile : Madam Evangeline Holmes

[NAME]: Evangeline Holmes

[Preferred Names]: Madam Evangeline, Madam Eve

[Pronouns]: She/They

[Sector/Sub-Sector]: All sectors, mainly Colombina.

[Station(s)]: φλεγόμενος αίγλη θέατρο


Evangeline Chloe Holmes, referred to as "Madam Evangeline" or "Madam Eve", is a 24-year-old woman of Filipino descent. She is easily recognized by her ivory skin, hazel eyes, and medium-length brown hair; Madam Evangeline most commonly wears long, dark dresses and small heels, only ever changing into travel clothes when absolutely necessary. Most of the time, she can be seen with her hair pulled up into several different forms of buns. She bears a burgundy-colored Colombina mask, with small, golden feathers at the nose bridge.

She is the leader of the Masked Maidens and has full supervision over the Colombina sub-sector. Madam Evangeline is also the most powerful of all Maidens, having the ability to conduct two-way telepathy, theama Colombina, and buio Volto1. More regarding her position can be found here.


The Madam is often described as a very patient individual. Though she is often busy with the delegation of the Maidens, as well as their meetings and missions, she never fails to visit most, if not all stations, to aid them in the upkeeping of their bases—as well as to give advice to those that may need it. She is a stern but empathetic leader, seldom seen completely alone lest she is in her chambers. The Madam is also notable amongst the other Maidens due to the telepathic messages that she sends to them, oftentimes with the goal of either reminding them of their duties or encouraging them as they do their assigned tasks.


Madam Evangeline is a human born within the Frontrooms, who with her late father, Lorenzo Holmes, and late twin sister, Rosaline Holmes, no-clipped into the Backrooms 6 years prior to present day due to an unfortunate car accident. She was originally a part of the M.E.G., having been part of the organization and the since-departed Division Team, Veracity Searchers, as their Junior Archivist for a total of 3 years before her sister and other to-be Maidens were subject to the experiment of Object 24 experiment, codenamed "Project Unmasked".

Tristan Petrovic, co-leader of that experiment and the now fame-gaining Division Team, Trial Testers, led horrid torture experiments that led many experimentees, including her sister, into either utter delirium or death. After she found out, Madam Eve secretly worked with the other subjects to help them escape. This ultimately led to most if not all experimentees' safety, which led to the creation of the Masked Maidens soon after.

Still so much they ought to learn….

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