Evangeline Holmes
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You may be wondering why this greets you, rather than a Level page you were told to proofread and edit. In truth, it was a lie. There was never really a draft to read over. Think of it as a cover-up—a cover-up for an opportunity—an invitation to rise above your co-workers in the ranks of the organization we hold near and dear to our heart.

Attached below is the description file of an unhinged, escaped experimentee, Evangeline Holmes⁠—who violently murdered her sister by burning down the station they inhabited, possibly caused the death of her own father, and freed other dangerous experimentees. She is a threat to the organized society we have formed, and therefore must be stopped as soon as possible.

This is where you come in. We are assembling a bracket of those who we presume are our most loyal and skilled members, with the primary goal of subduing Evangeline Holmes and halting all activities pertaining to the Masked Maidens. The name may not be familiar to you, or perhaps it has been uttered to you only in the midst of myths and legends—rightfully so at that—but I can assure you that the threat that they pose is very, very real. One may only dream to imagine what a group borne of people like Evangeline is capable of. You have been nominated to stop this conglomerate of nightmares, alongside other fellow wanderers who serve our cause.

Now, I understand the dangers that come with her capture and understand if you choose to decline our offer. If you do end up refusing to partake in this matter, then you will not be prosecuted or reprimanded. All that is asked of you is to keep your silence on the matter—no matter what that may entail. In exchange for doing so, you will be given 2 weeks worth of rations and a gallon of Almond Water. However, if you decide to join the hunt for Holmes, you will be favored by the Overseers. Additionally, if you successfully bring Holmes to Base Alpha, you will be showered with rewards: an additional 6 weeks of rations, four liters of Almond Water, and promotional opportunities will be given to you in return for your service. Your future working under our insignia will be greater than anything you have witnessed up until now.

As previously stated, it is completely acceptable to deny this opportunity. If you wish to accept the offer, simply reply to this message—preferably without asking any questions. Those with such will be answered in subsequent meetings. If you decline, no mention of this message is to ever escape your lips, regardless of who you're speaking to. Failure to comply with this will result in dire consequences.

For the time being, I will leave you with the file mentioned previously regarding Evangeline, which contains valuable information that will help you, should you choose to join this mission. Until then, choose your stance on this request, and we will go on from there. The rest of you are to return to your duties as normal.

We hope to see you take part in this mission.

Tristan Petrovic, Division Leader of Team Trial Testers

An aspiring archivist, who snapped in the blink of a second.

How peculiar....

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