Evangeline Holmes
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“To mask is to reveal.”

I've come to realize that, to reveal what is hidden, one must first hide themselves. Take themselves outside of the narrative and become the reader rather than the main character. To… become someone new.

One mask underneath another. And then, another. Far beyond what any normal mask could do, the changes in my personality; my speech, my actions—have all melded together in a way that I’m not sure I know who I am anymore.

And well, the truth is… It's true. I can't seem to fathom who I am nowadays.

As time stretched onwards, I found myself becoming more reclusive; even hiding from my closest. It is not distrust, nor is it malicious intent—rather—it is something I must do for the greater good. Although, for some time, it felt strange, to know exactly how to lead others; to recognize their desires, and to be able to read someone's personality so well, yet, not knowing anything about yourself in the meantime. What I want. Oftentimes, it has left me lost, feeling as if I am unworthy of leading the Maidens.

But now, to be entirely honest… It doesn’t matter to me anymore. All I care for now is my people: my father, my sister, and all the others who make me feel whole. I refuse to let them be hurt by anyone who dares lay a hand on them, no matter what I may have to do. For as long as it is needed, no one is to know my true identity — even the Maidens, my closest companions. I know that I am doing this for their own safety, a sort of… necessary evil. I’ll change myself over and over until even my own blood has changed its color, just so I can pull out the weeds.

Mask over mask. Shadows beneath shadows. From there, the light will shine. From there, truth will grow from the depths and free us all. At even the expense of my own life, the others will live how they desire, free from those with corruption in their veins. We will stop them. I will stop them.

Because to mask… is to reveal.

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